Grammarly Review: Is This the Best Grammar Checker?

Grammarly Review

Even though I was an English major in college, and I have focused on writing for a large part of my life, I still overlook some errors in my writing.

Some grammar rules have changed over time, and it can be challenging to relearn what was ingrained in your brain when you were younger.

Because you can make mistakes so easily, and it is more difficult to notice them in your writing than in the work of others, it’s important to carefully proofread your writing with an editor and/or a software program that catches your errors.

The truth is, everybody makes mistakes in their writing. Even if you feel like you have the basics down, advanced grammar and style nuances may overwhelm you at times, even if you write professionally.

I have been using Grammarly which is an online grammar and spelling assistant, and I want to share the pros and cons of the software with you.

In this Grammarly review, I will give you enough information for you to decide if this is the right app for you.

Grammarly Review: What is Grammarly and How Does it Work?

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How To Create A Back Cover Blurb That Sells Your Book

Book Back CoverGirl Reading, Book Back Cover FI

Walk into any bookstore, and you’ll see thousands upon thousands of book spines staring at you.

For the average person who is “looking for a good read,” that means they’ll be scanning titles to see which ones appeal to them (usually with their head cocked to the left, to read those titles).

When they come across one that sounds interesting, they’ll pull it off the shelf and examine the cover.

What do they do next?

You guessed it: they flip the book over and read the back cover blurb.

A similar experience takes place online, too, although readers are often seeing the cover and title at the same time. But, once they find a book that looks interesting, they click on it and look for the back cover to read the blurb.

How to Write Compelling Book Back Cover Copy

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