Are You Ready To Test Your Proofreading Skills?

Even the most grammar-savvy amongst us benefit from a thorough proofreading of our work.

You may rely on an editor to check your work, or like many writers, it might be tempting to do a quick scan of your writing without thoroughly proofreading it.

But proofreading is as essential to your writing as writing is. It allows you to fix any errors that may obscure your intended meaning or distract your reader. It also helps you catch grammar and spelling mistakes, misused words, and punctuation errors.

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12 Simple Ways To Flip Your Writing Motivation Switch

writing motivation

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “I have not motivation to write today?”

If you’re looking at a blank page and wondering how to get motivated to write, help has arrived. We’ve been there, too. It’s not fun.

But once you learn effective ways to have writing motivation, you’ll have the tools you need to tackle any new writing project and get into creative flow faster than you ever thought possible.

So, enjoy the following tips for writing motivation, and get back to creating like the mad, unstoppable genius you know you are.

In this post, you’ll learn to:

  • Cultivate the right mindset to get inspired to write.
  • How to enjoy writing without self-judgment.
  • Determine your optimal writing time.
  • Prepare yourself and your space before you write.
  • Use positive affirmations to reinforce your writing motivation.
  • Set up an accountability and reward system to reinforce a daily writing habit.

Your Writing Motivation Mindset

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Book Marketing 101: 37 Ways to Launch and Promote A Book

Book marketing is a phrase that’s sure to get an author’s attention, mostly because the avalanche of conflicting information about book promotion makes it hard to know just how to market your book.

What will the most successful authors be doing to market their books in 2021?

Ultimately, you want to be one of those authors who know how to increase book sales through focused and consistent action. You want clear, reliable advice on how to advertise your book so you earn far more than you spend.

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