Everything You Need To Know About Fiction Vs Non-Fiction

fiction vs nonfiction

If a friend were to ask you right now, “How do you know whether to call a book fiction or nonfiction?” what answer would you give?

You think you have a pretty good idea of how to distinguish the two — until someone asks you to articulate the difference in your own words.

It sounds so simple, right? You could just say, “Fiction is imaginary, while nonfiction is true.”

But sometimes the two overlap.

Fiction can make use of fact, and nonfiction can make use of the imagination.

If you were a judge in a fiction vs. non-fiction contest, what features would stand out for each contestant? Would fiction always be making things up? Would non-fiction be more formal and particular about details?

Is a short story always fiction? Is a magazine article always purely non-fictional?

It’s not so clear-cut after all. But there is a way to know the difference. And I hope you’re curious enough to keep reading.

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9 Of The Best Writing Podcasts For Authors In 2020

Writing Podcasts for Authors

Podcasts for writers are a welcome guiding light in the ever-changing world of writing and publishing.

Finding a publishing company isn’t the only way to get your work out there anymore. You self-publish your book and create your own platform for marketing and selling it.

Self-publishing has been a game-changer for aspiring authors who don’t want to wait for gatekeepers to give them permission to share their writing.

But publishing your own book means you need to lead the charge and understand all of the steps involved in writing, editing, formatting, cover design, and setting up your book on Amazon.

That’s where writing podcasts come in.

Authors anywhere can find high quality mentoring and hundreds of useful tips in these practical (and free!) resources. Podcasts about writing and self-publishing deliver some of the most valuable ideas and insights you can find if you take the time to tune in.

Whether you’re an experienced author or a self-published indie writer, I’m sure you will find invaluable aid and encouragement in nine of the best writing podcasts we hand-picked just for you.

9 Of The Best Writing Podcasts For Authors

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12 Best Self-Publishing Companies For Your Writing Business

Self-publishing companies FI

You’ve spent weeks writing, rewriting, and polishing your manuscript.

Now, you have it in book form — thoroughly edited, artfully formatted, and wrapped in a gorgeous cover. Because you’ve chosen to self-publish.

And while thousands of self-published authors sell 300 or fewer copies of their books, you know hundreds sell them in the thousands, because they’ve learned how to market them.

You intend to be one of those authors, and you’re doing your homework. 

Because we’re all about successful self-publishing, we’ve created this detailed list of the 12 best self-publishing companies. Read on to learn what you need to know — including why you should self-publish in the first place.

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