24 Must-Read Stephen King Quotes On Writing

Stephen King quotes on writing FI

Writing great fiction is enough of a challenge without all the conflicting advice out there.

When was the last time you read a bit of advice and thought, “But so-and-so said the exact opposite”?

Different people like different styles, so variety is a good thing. And authors like Stephen King realize that.

If he criticizes writing, it’s for the writing itself — whether or not it’s popular. And you don’t have to be a fan of horror fiction to know the man can write!

This is why we gathered up 46 Stephen King quotes on writing. Find your favorites, and enjoy sharing them with your fellow storytellers.

24 Stephen King Quotes on Writing

Enjoy some of the best quotes by Stephen King on writing. And if you have a writer friend with room for another mug, consider having one created with the quote of your choice.

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How Many Words Should Be In A Chapter Of A Book?

How Many Words in a Chapter

If you’re wondering how long you should make your book chapters, think of books you’ve read that kept a firm grip on your interest from one chapter to the next.

Do you remember taking half an hour or more to get through one chapter?

Did it feel too long, too short, or just right for the book you were reading?

Fortunately for us writers, there’s room for flexibility.

And as a rule, when it comes to deciding how many words in a chapter, it pays to think of your reader’s experience first.

Does chapter-length matter?

With fiction, your chapter length will affect — or be affected by — the pacing of your story.

Shorter chapters are best for a fast-paced story, though too short a chapter makes it hard to build momentum or to draw your readers into a relationship with your characters.

Longer chapters slow the pace and allow for a more gradual build-up of tension, intrigue, and anticipation.

After a long chapter, though, your readers are more likely to stop reading to take a breather, so it’s all the more important to give them a compelling reason to come back for more.

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12 Effective Tips On How To Write Faster

How To Write Faster

Would you like some practical tips on how to write faster?

Of course, you would.

Who in the writing community wouldn’t love to get more writing done in less time?

Fast writing means more time to spend with family and friends, more time to explore new creative outlets, and more time to read, among other things.

It also means you can write more books (or whatever it is you enjoy writing)!

Once you implement even one of the twelve tips laid out for you below, you’ll become more efficient at letting the words flow onto the page.

So, say goodbye to writer’s block, and enjoy becoming a more prolific writer.

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