How To Write Flash Fiction

Writing flash fiction, as any writer of short stories can tell you, isn’t easy.

Not only do you face the challenge of writing within the flash fiction word count, but also your story has to keep the reader fully engaged from the title to the last sentence — and beyond.

If you want to know how to write flash fiction, learn from those who do it well.

Then use a list of inspiring flash fiction prompts to help you get started writing your own.

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Want To Become A Book Editor? Here's Your Step-By-Step Guide

You have an eye for detail — and a love of good writing. Friends who write know they can count on you to help them polish their books, articles, and reports.

Maybe folks have even said, “You’re so good at this! You should be a book editor.”

So, after some soul-searching, you’re on the hunt for information on how to become a book editor.

After all, if you’re so good at it, and you happen to enjoy the work, why not get paid for it?

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Thinkific Vs. Teachable: The Final Word on These Online Course Platforms

When you’re looking for information on the best online learning platforms, you’re likely to find reviews on both Thinkific and Teachable — as well as comparisons of the two.

And they can be confusing. As an author or other successful writer, you’ve probably learned something about creating multiple streams of income and building your brand.

And online courses can certainly help with both of those.

But the goal of this article isn’t to decide who wins the Thinkific vs. Teachable contest.

It’s not that simple, anyway.

The goal here is to help you choose the online course platform that will serve you best.

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