7 Best Proofreading Software Programs For Writers

You just found a mistake in something you’ve published — something you swore you’d double-, triple-, and even quadruple-checked. And it hurts. 

But aside from your own careful self-editing (eyes on the page), what tools can help you eliminate those errors in the next piece of writing you put out there?

Or, in other words, what’s the best proofreading software for writers? And what proofreading and editing app has everything you need at an affordable price? 

What you learn might surprise you.

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99 Quotes About Creativity To Inspire Your Writing

As a writer, you know the importance of creativity. It’s what keeps your brain alive and opens it to new possibilities.

It leads you into the world beyond your limited experience.

But it doesn’t get far without curiosity.

When you’re curious about something, you take action to learn more about it. You test limits and take risks. 

That’s the point of these 99 creativity quotes for inspiration with your writing project. Find your favorites and see how much further your creativity can take you.

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How Many Words Are In A Novel (By Genre)?

It’s not so simple a question, after all.

Genre norms do provide some clues for your novel’s word count. But when you’re writing a novel, you need more than that.

You need to know what your target readers expect. When they pick up your book, will they be disappointed if the spine is less than an inch thick?

Or are they likely to want something they can finish more quickly?

How many words are in a novel that most of your ideal readers are looking for? And where do you get this information?

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Want To Write A Murder Mystery? Here’s How

Congratulations! You’ve picked one of the reading world’s all-time favorite genres. And with all the subgenres, you have loads of opportunities and choices when writing a murder mystery.

Although there’s room for a LOT of variety in this genre, the overall structure is pretty consistent.

In this guide on how to write a murder mystery, we’ll show you what makes mystery a great choice for your first debut as a fiction author — especially if you enjoy reading and watching them.

You probably have your favorites, too. And the more you learn about how to write mystery, the better sense you’ll have of which subgenre you want to focus on.

Let’s cover the basics before we get down to business.

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How Much Money Can An Author Make?

Ever wondered how much money can one earn being an author? Read this post as we break it down for you so you understand exactly how much you can make by writing and publishing your books.

“How much do authors make?” We hear that a lot, don’t we?

And we can’t help but want to hear the answer in case the news gets better than it was the last time we heard it. And sometimes, it is. Sometimes.

But where do you go for a more objective answer to that question (whether it’s encouraging or not)?

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55 Fun And Creative Writing Prompts For Kids

For the kids in your life who love to write, check out these 55 writing prompts for kids to help them keep writing.

What better way to encourage young writers than to provide creative inspiration and the time to follow it?

That’s exactly why we’ve created this list of writing prompts for kids.

Whether you’re a teacher, a parent, a writer of kids lit, or someone who knows a young storyteller, you know it can’t hurt to have a supply of story ideas.

But since many of the lists created for adult writers aren’t suitable for young readers, it makes sense to provide lists of quick writing prompts they’ll find more relatable.

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