25 Of The Best Fanfiction Writing Prompts

fanfiction writing prompts

With fanfiction, the writer of a movie, TV series, or book has already done the character building.

As the fanfic writer, you get to throw your favorite characters into different “what if” situations. 

Plenty of Doctor Who fanfiction writers, for example, write stories bringing the 10th Doctor and Rose Tyler closer together.

Just how close they get depends on the writer. But a solid ship (i.e., pairing) can generate a slew of spicy fanfic ideas. 

Fanfiction is a great way to build a devoted readership and develop your writing skills.

All you need now is a list of intriguing fanfiction story ideas. 

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Writing About A Tragic Hero? Here’s Your List of Tragic Hero Traits To Flesh Out Your Character

tragic hero traits

You’ve read enough stories to know how compelling tragic heroes can be.

And you have ideas for one of your own. 

You just need to know what traits will make them irresistible to your readers. 

Welcome to the ultimate guide to tragic hero characteristics.

From Aristotle’s tragic hero to your newest character inspiration, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the universal (or generally agreed upon) traits of a tragic hero. 

Let’s dive in! 

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101 Imaginative And Fun Author Interview Questions

author interview questions

You’re ready to interview an author for your blog.

Or maybe you’ve started a podcast and are wondering how to interview an author for it? 

We’re here to help — both with preparing for the interview and with making your list of author interview questions

As authors with an insatiable appetite for authentic stories, we created this post to answer the question, “What are good questions to ask an author about a book?”

There are loads of questions you could ask.

But these will make the interview more enjoyable for you and your guests. 

For authors, these questions can help prepare you for interviews and know what to expect when you’re called on to talk about your work.

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