Love Words? 35 Words That Don’t Exist (But You Still Hear Them All The Time)

Words that don’t exist

English is a living language, which means it’s continually growing and adapting to reflect vernacular usage.

Even words that don’t exist in English (officially) can find their way into casual conversation. 

It doesn’t really matter if we insist they’re “not real words.”

What makes a word real, anyway, if not the fact that real people are using them? 

Fake words have a way of catching on.

And sometimes, there’s a good reason for that. 

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Want To Try Your Hand At Short Stories? Follow These 7 Essential Steps

how to write a short story

Writing short stories is an excellent way to hone your writing and storytelling skills.

Whatever your chosen genre, it helps to know the key differences between short story writing and novel writing. 

There’s more to this type of storytelling than just using fewer words.

You’ll see this in the short story writing tips listed in this post. 

Let’s start with what makes a short story so good you can’t help sharing it. 

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35 Writing Exercises For Adults To Drastically Improve Your Writing

writing exercises for adults

How do beginners practice writing?

Here you are as an adult who’s decided to make writing an essential part of your life. 

However little practice you’ve had until now, it’s not too late to become a writer.

It’s as simple (and challenging) as showing up every day to write something.

Getting started on your daily writing can be tricky, though–especially if it’s not a habit yet. 

That’s why we’ve rounded up this collection of 35 fun writing exercises for adults. 

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Should You Capitalize After A Colon? Here Are The Rules You Need To Know

capitalize after colon

The “capitalize after colon” question is a bit divisive.

So, it pays to know what the different style manuals have to say about it. 

What you learned with the MLA handbook in high school doesn’t necessarily apply to that article for a psychology blog. 

Also, the rules are a bit different between American and British English.  

We’ve listed all the rules to make it easier for you to know when to capitalize after a colon, depending on where and what you’re writing

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Love To Write? Check Out These 51 Creative Writing Prompts For Adults

writing prompts for adults

An essential part of being a writer is daily practice—even if that practice is only a few minutes.

And even when the results are less inspired than you hoped. 

As long as you’re committed to building a writing habit and practicing your craft, you’re a writer—not just an “aspiring” one.

Sometimes, all you need is a generous supply of fun writing prompts for adults to get you started. 

We’re happy to help with that. 

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107 Character Mannerisms For Writers

Character mannerisms

The best characters show rather than tell the kinds of people they are. 

That’s where character mannerisms come in; they connect storytelling imagery and actions to each character, often without the need for extra dialogue. 

Each character’s mannerisms can be a mix of expected and surprising elements.

The purpose of the list below is to get you thinking of ways to make your characters more real and more interesting to your readers. 

Let’s dive in!

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61 Fantasy Writing Prompts To Stoke Your Creativity

fantasy writing prompts

You’ve just finished reading a fantasy novel, and while you hate that there’s no more to read, you’re so in love with the story and its characters, you marvel at the author’s power and imagination.

What must it be like to make readers feel the way you’re feeling right now?

With the generous supply of fantasy writing prompts in this post, maybe this is the year to find out.

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