How To Write A Unique Book Dedication Page + 11 Examples

book dedication examples

Dedicating a book to someone is a big deal.

And since you’ve no idea whether your current work in progress will be your last, you want this one to count. 

We all make mistakes, whether it’s a TMI blog post, an impulse tattoo, or something else.

Some of us just postpone the regret until after we’ve published the evidence. 

We’ve got some ideas to prevent your book dedication page from being on that list.

Read on for a detailed how-to and some must-read examples. 

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Create An Unforgettable Title Page For Your Book + 11 Title Page Examples

title page of a book

One of the most important pages in your book’s front matter is the title page.

Why is it so important, though, when it basically repeats everything you see on the book’s cover, along with some extra details you could easily just save for the copyright page

And even if you know what goes on the title page, how do you create one worth remembering? 

Read on to learn everything you need to know.

You’ll learn the rest as you go. 

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How To Make Your Book’s Table Of Contents Grab Readers And Reel Them In

book table of contents

Unless it’s a novel with numbers for chapter titles, the table of contents (TOC) offers a handy overview of the contents in a book you’re considering. 

Especially with nonfiction books, the TOC makes it easier to see at a glance whether the book in question addresses a specific problem or question. 

You want to offer the same benefits to your readers, too.

So, how do you create a TOC that will help you sell more copies?

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Wondering What To Include On A Book Copyright Page? Here’s What You Should Know With Template Examples

copyright page of a book

Before we get into all the details on how to write a copyright page, it’s worth mentioning that this isn’t a legal requirement.

Your published work is protected by copyright regardless of whether a copyright page is included.

You’re about to see why it’s still a good idea to have one — and how to create one that is 100% worth the extra time and space. 

Read on to learn everything you need to know about copyright pages and how to make them. 

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38 Of The Best Biographies Ever Published

Best Biographies

The best biographies of all time are those that have left echoes in our collective consciousness.

Precisely because of the legacy left by the subjects of those biographies — and the biographers’ skill in sharing that legacy — we can climb to heights made accessible by the giants who came before us.

And as much as we enjoy a good memoir or autobiography, a biography written by someone other than the subject yields something the former cannot.

The perspective of someone not in the subject’s head may feel less reliable or at least less intimate.

But it’s also more likely to be objective and dispassionate.

The biographer might share things the subject would not — either from modesty, shame, or something else.

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Need To Write A Kissing Scene For Your Novel Or Short Story? Here’s How To Make It Swoon-Worthy

how to write a kissing scene

Who doesn’t love well-crafted makeout scenes that leave you feeling warm, tingly… and maybe a bit jealous?

If you’ve ever read a kissing scene that made you forget everything else you had to do that day, then you get it. 

As a writer, though, what comes to mind when you try to think of words to describe a kiss that will live in your reader’s memory for days? 

And how do you create a kissing scene no one will want to forget. 

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