The Ultimate Strong Verbs List And Guide To Power Up Your Writing

Why should it matter so much whether your verbs are strong or weak? And how do you even know if you’re using weak verbs? If you know the answer to the question, “What is a verb?” and if you enjoy reading, it won’t take long to answer the bigger question of how to replace weak …

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Love Words? 35 Words That Don’t Exist (But You Still Hear Them All The Time)

Words that don’t exist

English is a living language, which means it’s continually growing and adapting to reflect vernacular usage. Even words that don’t exist in English (officially) can find their way into casual conversation.  It doesn’t really matter if we insist they’re “not real words.” What makes a word real, anyway, if not the fact that real people …

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35 Writing Exercises For Adults To Drastically Improve Your Writing

writing exercises for adults

How do beginners practice writing? Here you are as an adult who’s decided to make writing an essential part of your life.  However little practice you’ve had until now, it’s not too late to become a writer. It’s as simple (and challenging) as showing up every day to write something. Getting started on your daily …

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7 Of The Best Writing Prompts Apps You Need To Try

writing prompts apps

Stumped about what to write today? You’re in good company. There’s no shame in admitting that, either. Even the best writers have days when they could use a little help. Whether you’re journaling or brainstorming ideas for a new story, book, or blog post, a writing prompts app could change everything. And after looking through …

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