Continuing Education for Authors

ASP 17: Continuing Education for Authors

Quote of the day:

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

– Benjamin Franklin

Today we will answer a few questions about Steve and his career as an ebook author.

How did Steve accumulate his wealth of knowledge?

One day at a time.

Steve started his first Internet business in 2004, and started self-publishing in 2012. He was fortunate, as his background helped him with self-publishing. But still, it was trial by fire. His first few books were rather rudimentary, but he learned with each new book and now has a thriving self-publishing business.

How do you learn and market and keep writing at the same time?

The key here is to focus on one project at a time. Multi-tasking doesn’t work, so schedule time for the different tasks you have to do, such as marketing, blogging, and split testing. But always try to start your day with high-priority tasks. That way you get them out of the way.

It is important to find a balance between writing and marketing. Writers can get really isolated, so when they start market their own books, they flounder. Find your niche, market to it, and find a balance between marketing and writing. Success will eventually come.

Why is it valuable to spend time and money on continuing education?

The thing about the self-publishing industry is that it constantly changes. In fact, 10 years ago it barely even existed! These days, you almost have to reinvent yourself every month if you want to stay relevant. In Authority Pub Academy, we try to pass along the best lessons that we have learned, and to continue the process of analyzing and adapting.

What made Steve want to create Authority Pub Academy?

As the market becomes more competitive, many people are starting to take shortcuts in self-publishing that will eventually get them in trouble with Amazon. This is a bad idea, and Steve doesn’t like to see people make mistakes such as this that can cost them their careers and livelihood. So he wanted to teach people how to thrive in self-publishing without cheating or engaging in shady practices. The biggest challenge in self-publishing is to learn how to go about building a self-publishing business that lasts, and that’s what the course teaches you, step-by-step, from choosing a niche to writing a bestselling book.

Highlights of Authority Pub Academy

The Authority Pub Academy teaches:

  • The Authority Publisher mindset
  • Habit development: The importance of the writing habit
  • How to get into the marketplace on different platforms
  • Different kinds of book launches, and their pros and cons
  • Advanced stuff like creating other assets, audiobooks, translations, etc.
  • Just-in-time learning
  • 80+ lessons, with lifetime access

As a bonus feature, we also offer great interviews with experts. Barrie interviewed Steve Aitchison (an author and Facebook expert) and Honoree Corder, and Steve interviewed Ryan Shauers (who recently had a successful free launch), Stephen Guise (author of Mini Habits, who talks about foreign translations deals and Udemy), and Dave Chesson (who has a unique approach to self-publishing).

What will students walk away with when they finish this course?

Students will know how to write a book that does well. They will learn how to develop a passive income that they can enjoy in addition to their full-time jobs. They will be able to build a side business that can eventually replace their income, and that provides more freedom. Barrie made $50K from her books last year after applying the things she learned from Steve!

Private accountability Facebook group.

People who will hold you accountable are a valuable asset. Hooked by Nir Eyal & Ryan Hoover talks about this in detail. But a big challenge for those who want to remain accountable is to create the habit of checking in every day. We have chosen Facebook as our accountability tool because it is easily accessible. It takes very little effort to log in every day and talk to people who are going through the same thing as you on a consistent basis.

There are three threads: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Accountability. Choose the one that is best for you, and start living up to your goals and meeting your milestones!

Why is Authority Pub Academy a good investment?

That one is easy: You are tapping into our collective experience and learning important lessons without having to make mistakes. In the long run, you’re going to save money and get a head start in your self-publishing career.

How to register:

Go to

Last day of registration is January 25th. We look forward to seeing you there!

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