50,000 Likes on Your Facebook Fan Page

ASP 19: 50,000 Likes on an Author Facebook Page (The Step-by-Step Strategy)

Quote of the day:

“Facebook is like a fridge. Even though you know nothing new is going on, you still go and aimlessly check every ten minutes.”

– Unknown Author

This week Ron is back in the podcast studio, and Steve asks him a number of questions about his self-publishing experience.

Tell us about how you’ve grown your Live Bold and Bloom Facebook Page to almost 50,000 likes.

These days, engagement is becoming more and more important. But likes are still great proof of your social media reach.

Steve Aitchison has almost 2 million Likes on his Facebook page. He makes $100,000 a year from AdSense, with big help from his Facebook traffic. He’s focused on heart-centered marketing. In other words, keep giving great content so people will trust you and eventually willingly buy from you down the road.

At Live Bold and Blood, we started with 13,000 Likes with low engagement, but eventually grew that to 50,000 likes with high engagement. To do this, we have posted a lot valuable content, such as image quotes, quizzes, and carefully selected blog posts. We’ve posted as many as 20 items in 24 hours, with everything scheduled beforehand. There has to be a strategy behind your posting. It can’t just be random.

For authors, a great strategy is to create image quotes based your books—images with tips on them. Your goal should be to motivate, inspire, inform and humor people with your posts.

Check you Facebook page’s Insights to see which kind of posts people like. This tool shows Post Reach, Likes, Level of Engagement, and Post Clicks.

As an author, what do you need to do to set up your fan page and really optimize it?

First, you have to set up your personal profile. Click on Create Page on your Facebook dashboard or Google Facebook Fan Page. Then create a Facebook banner. Use keywords in your “About” page, as this will help to draw in an appropriate audience. Then add a link to your website or landing page. (After all, your social media presence is only valuable if it sends people into your sales funnel.) And remember that you can always switch links depending on what you are promoting.

What kind of content do you want to share on your fan page?

This all depends on how much time and skill you have. Remember, you want to maximize 80/20 activities, so if you are spending a lot of time trying to do things you aren’t good at, you may be wasting your effort.

Visit other FB pages in your niche to get some ideas. You can use Canva to create your image posts. Remember that words are more important than the image. And always try to add your logo or name, especially if it’s your own quote.

You will also want to post updates that your reader will enjoy and can learn something from. At the beginning, share image posts instead of your blog posts. These draw people in easier.

Another great strategy is to share other people’s blog posts. But make sure to let them know that you are sharing their content!

How do you calculate engagement?

Engagement is how active your fans are at a particular post. These days, engagement is considered to be more important than likes. That’s because likes don’t convert into sales as much as engagement, which is an indication that someone relates to your content.

Here is the formula for computing engagement:

Go to “Likes” on the navigation bar below your FB fan page header and you’ll see some stats. There, compute “People Talking About This” divided by “Total Page Likes” X 100.

-People Talking About This-

So for my page it would be 60,663/47111 X 100 = 127%. (The average engagement rate is around 1.5% for most FB users.)

What else do you do beside creating content?

Barrie is part of a group that share each other’s posts, which is a great way to provide your fans with varied quality content without having to write it. Try to find a group that is in a similar niche and level of popularity as yours so they can be comfortable reciprocating sharing.

How do you create engaging image posts that people want to share?

It is important to create branded images. Canva has a series of tutorials, so this is quite easy to learn. The software has a drag-and-drop interface, making it simple to use.

For inspiration, check out Pinterest, Goodreads, and BrainyQuotes to get some design and quote ideas. And of course it is always advantageous to use royalty-free images. Google “free images” to find lots of good options online.

How can you use the description area on a FB post to increase engagement?

To do this, you will want to include a link in your description. Then ask questions, such as “Do you agree with this?” or “In one word, share how you’re feeling today.”

In general, you don’t want to ask people to share. You are providing value here, and you want people to feel like you are doing them a favor, and not the other way around. If people find value in your content, they will share it on their own—and those shares will be more valuable in the long run.

I’ve read that FB is really looking for more video content. How can authors share video content?

Creating short videos is one of Barrie’s goals for 2016, and Steve is also starting to use video for his FB ads. In general, you want to keep them brief, personal, and instructional. Logitech c920 HD Pro Webcam is a great tool recommended by Nick Loper’s Side Hustle Nation. You can also use Windows Movie Maker. One trick we have found is to wave at the camera really quick and then point to your ear and the screen for the first few seconds. Facebook automatically mutes videos, and you want to make people aware of that so they don’t miss out on your content.

Should you use your fan page for directly marketing your books?

You want to give away free, interesting content before you try to sell to your fans. This builds trust and connection, which will make people more likely to respond to your eventual sales pitches.

If you’re a fiction author, first build up your personality and focus on your characters. If you are a nonfiction author, focus on our topic and offer insights and information related to your niche. Remember, you want to provide value. If you hit your fans with a barrage of sales pitches, you will lose them

You can, however, add a tab to your Facebook fan page that links to your landing page.

Finally, the Authority Pub Academy closes tonight at 9PM Eastern. We hope you signed up!

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