How to Clarify Your Self-Publishing Goals

ASP 20: How to Clarify Your Self-Publishing Goals

Quote of the day:

“Give me a stock clerk with a goal and I’ll give you a man who will make history. Give me a man with no goals and I’ll give you a stock clerk.”

– J. C. Penney

Steve admits to have a “scatterbrained” approach to entrepreneurship. But as he grows his business, his goals get more specific and targeted.

Do you think most authors go into self-publishing with any goals beyond writing a book and hoping people will buy it?

It’s a case-by-case basis. But a lot self-publishers now are getting more goal oriented.

What were your goals when you started?

Steve really just wanted to get traffic to his blog using his first book on Amazon.

But after a few months, his goals completely change: he focused on writing more books.

How far out do you plan your business goals?

You need to focus on what you want to achieve but also keep an eye out for opportunities. Writing ALL the time isn’t the only way to grow a business.

A lot of authors don’t really know there might be something bigger available to them beyond getting a book published. What are some of the goals they should be considering?

Start to build up your network and connections within your niche. Find a way to help them and not ask for something in return.

Start to build your email list.

Build up your content platform beyond your book (blog, podcast, or YouTube).

Outcome Goal vs. Action Goals (Make this amount of money in a year. VS Write two books in a month.)

Smaller action goals are better and less overwhelming.

Different kinds of authors might have differing goals right?

A professional might have the goal of building more clients with a book. A blogger might want a book as a way to build their reputation or as another income stream, etc.

There two types of book models:

  • Book Catalog – more books, consistent publishing
  • Brand Builder – in depth books that can turn into various products

Your goals depend on what model you use.

Focus on your goals but also stay fluid.

Do you think you need to stay fluid with your goals as the self-pub market evolves over time? How have you experienced that yourself?

You can’t do everything all at once. You need to decide on which one project you need to focus on.

Balance: financial position, passion, obligations and commitments

If you have some freedom, start with your passion.

Beware of the scarcity mindset. Look at the bigger picture.

If you get stuck in a rut, try something else.

You talk a lot about “just in time learning” so how do you practice that and work toward goals at the same time?

In the Authority Pub Academy, learn one thing at a time and then take action on it.

Do you have any goal-setting tools that you use to help you?

Steve uses pen and paper and focuses on four-week goals.

Barrie and Ron use a gigantic white board.

Ron recommends Wunderlist .

Find what works for you.


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