ASP 66: Lessons Learned from Launch of Declutter Your Mind

“Most of us wouldn’t cook an entree for the first time without following a recipe, and having a marketing plan for your book can make the difference between success and falling flat.”

– Paula Krapf

Steve and Barrie share the lessons they learned launching the third book in their Declutter Series, Declutter Your Mind. The first book in the series is 10 Minute Declutter about decluttering your home, and the second book, 10 Minute Digital Declutter, is about decluttering your digital devices.


What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How Declutter Your Mind exceeded expectations and the importance of consistency
  • Marketing strategies Steve used for the launch of Declutter Your Mind
  • Estimate of what the three books in the series bring in each month in income
  • Marketing lessons Steve learned from the launch of The Miracle Morning for Writers that he used for the launch of Declutter Your Mind
  • Ad campaigns strategies used for the Declutter series
  • Future book marketing plans for the Declutter Series
  • Series Stacking and why authorpreneurs should consider it
  • Other marketing recommendations for authorpreneurs

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