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Hi I’m Barrie Davenport, one of the founders of Authority Pub and author of over 25 self-published books including two Wall Street Journal bestsellers. One of the main reasons that Steve Scott (my Authority Pub partner) and I have been able to build multiple six-figure self-publishing businesses is because we’ve written and published dozens of books — and we continue to write several new books every year. That means we are writing more than 150,000 words a year (not including our blog content). Sounds like a lot, right?

But it’s actually easier than you might imagine — when you learn the habit skills necessary for daily writing. When you learn the secrets of developing a writing routine, you’ll be surprised how quickly you will get your book written and ready to publish . . . even if you aren’t a fast writer or don’t have much time to write each day. That’s exactly what The Book Writing Habit Course is about — teaching you the proven method we use to publish book after book, building a catalog of books that will produce passive income for years to come.

Has something held you back from writing your book? Maybe . . .

-You don’t think you have the time to write a complete book.

-You worry you’re not a good enough writer.

-You don’t know what you should write about.

-You have no idea where to start and what to do to be successful.

We address all of these concerns and more inside The Book Writing Habit Course. We ease you into the daily writing habit so that you don’t feel overwhelmed, discouraged, or pressured.

You can expect two tangible outcomes from this course:

  • 1You’ll develop an unbreakable daily writing habit so you don’t give up too early.
  • 2You’ll finish a 25,000 word book in 10 weeks (starting with only 200 words a day) so that you can take the next steps to publish it!

This course is your guide to building a book-writing business by teaching you how to write more than just one book but rather dozens so that you develop a lifetime skill around your passion for writing.


19 Audio Lessons | PDF Lesson Transcripts | 6 Worksheets and Resources


Module 1: GETTING READYSession 1 – Course Instructions Session 2 – Your Book Writing Schedule Session 3 – Writing PreparationSession 4 – Outline and Research Session 5 – The Crappy First Draft  

Module 2: SETTING UP THE PROCESSSession 1 – The Science Behind Habits Session 2 – The Rule of Starting Small Session 3 – Choosing a Habit Trigger Session 4 – Setting Up Your Reward System

Session 5 – The Writing Habit and Ego Depletion

Module 3: MAINTAINING MOTIVATIONSession 1 – Never Break The Chain Session 2 – The Power of PomodoroSession 3 – Tracking Your Writing HabitSession 4 – Unblocking Writer’s Block

Module 4: DEALING WITH CHALLENGESSession 1 – Silencing Your Inner CriticSession 2 – Dealing with Daily DisruptionsSession 3 – Getting Back on TrackSession 4 – Staying Flexible In Your Writing Plan

Session 5 – Your Next Steps

What Our Customers Are Saying

What do our past students think of the course?

“I thought I had a pretty good idea of how to write a book, but after going through this course, I’m more excited than ever about this process of gradually increasing my daily output — while writing a 25,000 word book! 

The workbooks make the pre-planning stage as fun as it is painless; just going through gave me energy to get started on my new book idea. I now have a strategy to write my book while still honoring my other commitments.” 

Sarah L.

Course Participant

I’ve probably thought about writing my book at least 100 times. This program takes me from daydreaming to reality. The course is very user-friendly, flexible, only 10 weeks and so supportive. 


Step by step, you will develop writing skills, learn about new tools for researching, and most importantly move from dreaming about writing to actually writing.”

Carol O testimonial

Carol O.

Course Participant

Course Bonus ($19.95 Value)

In addition to the course lessons and worksheets, you’ll receive a 34-page ebook called, Tools for Discovering Bestselling Book Ideas to help you determine the book niche and topic you want to write about.

Before you begin writing your book for this course, you can use this bonus ebook to ensure you choose a niche that is relevant, has plenty of potential readers, and that will work for a catalog of several books on related topics.

headshot of steve a

Steve A.

Course participant

“As an entrepreneur, one of the hardest things for me has been finding the time to write a book. This course breaks it down into simple steps and has taught me how to create a writing routine that isn’t overwhelming. I’m already 3000 words into writing my first book. Thank you, Barrie!”

What You’ll Learn:

  • The easy writing schedule for a 5 or 7-day habit to complete a 25,000 word book over 10 weeks.
  • The 4 preparation steps you absolutely must take before you write the first word.
  • An outline and research plan to make writing easy and painless.
  • How to liberate your writing by embracing a crappy first draft.
  • The one little-known secret to an unbreakable writing routine.
  • The essential “3-step loop” you must follow for guaranteed habit formation. 
  • How to use “ego depletion” to determine your best writing times.
  • Why you should “never break the chain” to reach your writing goals.
  • The best writing productivity method if you lack focus or get easily distracted.
  • The one action you must take if you want to be a serious, multi-book author.
  • 21 strategies to get your creative writing juices flowing when they dry up.
  • The 6 worst internal gremlins writers face and how to beat them.
  • The smart-writer’s guide to handle distractions, setbacks, and unexpected changes.

If you’re serious about finally getting your book written and want a simple, step-by-step guide from established authors who have written dozens of bestselling books, then this is the course for you.

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