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ASP 045: Time-Saving Social Media with Laura Roeder

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Quote of the Day

“You don’t need a fancy new system. You don’t need the latest and greatest. You need trial and error to discover what works best for your business.” – Laura Roeder

Laura has been working for herself for ten years now. She quit being a “junior graphic designer” at 22. In 2014, she launched Edgar.

What was the inspiration for Edgar?

The idea of Edgar came from what she was teaching about social media. There was a lot of manual labor involved in keeping your social media updated. Edgar makes sure that your profiles (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) are updated.

Edgar was the code name they used when they were working on the project, and they just stuck with it.

How is Edgar different from other social media scheduling tools?

Edgar is the only tool that keep sending your updates in perpetuity. Your content goes out every day without having to worry. You don’t need to start from scratch every day. Rotating your content on a regular basis helps your engagement.

What’s the ideal schedule for social media?

People are too conscious about bothering people too often. But a lot of things are getting posted a lot over and over again. Remember that people opted in and followed you because they chose to.

Suggestion: Cycle through your evergreen content (inspirational quotes, links to your books, pillar content) every two or three months.

Does Edgar have its own analytics?

You can see your stats on Edgar. Edgar shows you how many click, RTS and shares. It’s also integrated with

Why establishing a presence online important?

There’s no way to follow an author unless the author himself takes the initiative. This where social media comes in.

You have to make it easy for your readers to follow you.

If you were launching a new book, how would you market it?

  • Have a simple website where people can opt in to my email list.
  • Be active on social media platforms you’re comfortable with.
  • Mail out copies to colleagues and bloggers (especially to mom bloggers) to ask for reviews. (Steve used in the past to reach out to bloggers, including a lot of mom bloggers, to help review and promote 10-Minute Declutter.)
  • For authors new to social media, do a few platforms first and do the well. Don’t try to conquer all platforms.

Why does Edgar only cater to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn?

Pinterest is its own beast. To do it well, you need a specialized tool like Tailwind. Edgar doesn’t have Pinterest because it’s a very different platform that requires a different strategy.

Instagram doesn’t allow scheduling.

How can people find out more about Edgar?

Visit to learn more about the tool. Follow Laura on Twitter to keep updated on her recent projects and social media tips.

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Don’t miss our upcoming webinar, ” The 5-Step Process to Uncover Your Bestselling Book Idea,” on Tuesday, May 24th, 4PM EST/1PM PST. Go to to register.

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