ASP 54: Steve Answers YOUR Self-Publishing Questions [Part 2]

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Is there any reason to do a free promotional period on KDP Select anymore? It seems like it is no longer an effective promotional strategy.

Yes – For new authors and bloggers who do not have an audience yet, it’s better to focus on KDP Select. Make sure you have a strong lead magnet in the front of the book. This can help you build up your email list.

No – For established authors, it’s better to launch at $0.99 or higher price point, especially if you have a large audience.

Caveat – Free is STILL a great option IF you can land a FREE deal with BookBub. Some promos can get TENS of thousands of downloads. If you have a backend with other books or a series, this can lead to lots of sales.

What are your [Steve’s] current and future projects? Both book projects and general projects.

Book Projects:

  • Mental Declutter book with Barrie Barrie Davenport. This book will close out trilogy of books we’ve put together. We plan on turning it a bundle to leverage an existing asset. We also plan to run ads on it.
  • Learning Habit Book. I’m spending a lot of time putting this together.

Book Funnel:

This is something that I’m experimenting with.

I’m growing to try to build an individual book funnel (i.e. email list) for EACH forthcoming book.


  • I plan to use ActiveCampaign because they have a useful tagging feature.
  • Give new subscribers free content, follow up email asking for review
  • Publish wide, NOT just KDP Select
  • Create a unique lead magnet
  • Email with links to ALL platforms (print, audio, eBook and other platforms)
  • Unique content — Affiliate Marketing promos
  • Recommendations of similar books

Authority Pub Academy

  • We’re looking to either add new content or build on the ones we already have.

You talk a lot about having a daily writing habit, and you also talk about only working on one project at a time. So what do you write on those days when you’ve finished your first draft, it’s at the editors and you’re waiting for them (and you’ve already written several blog posts)?

I usually start jotting down notes and rough outline while working on current book. Then once it’s at the editor, I’ll start with the outline and first draft.

I always have something to work on. I also work on editing/writing content for blog. I continuously try to find that balance between the two activities.

No matter what I always try to spend 30 minutes a day writing.

What if you’re on your 2nd and 3rd edits and can’t keep your 2000 words a day habit. Is that breaking the habit? How do you maintain your writing habit when you’re working on finishing your current book, plus other life matters to attend to?

While I like to hit 2K per day, it doesn’t always happen. Instead, I prefer to set a modest goal (like writing for 30 minutes).

The ONLY way to break the habit is to miss a day of writing.

My advice? Create doable goals – even one those days when you don’t have time OR other obstacles get in your way.

How much time do you spend writing each day? And what you usually do with the rest of your day?

I spend only 1 to 3 hours a day. It’s hard to do more than that.

I dedicate whole days to specific projects:

Pull out project list, and do specific actions related to that.

  • VA Management
  • Sourcing articles
  • Running marketing tests
  • Coordinating book promotions
  • Creating content for Authority Pub Academy

Who do you recommend for a website?

  • Any hosting program that offers WordPress install
  • HostGator

Where can we learn the basics of a good site?

Check out Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger to learn the basics.

What is essential in a website?

Do you use a software writing program? Which one? Why?

I use Word because I like the index card system. BUT not advice.

Option 1: Scrivener

  • This is the preferred platform by most writers, although it is a bit technical.
  • Learn Scrivener Fast by Joseph Michael

Option 2: Story Shop App

  • Guys from SPP are working on this app.
  • It is currently in BETA. You can join the email list.
  • The goal is to be THE writing and story craft app

I’ve been using Word 365, but I have Scrivener. Is Scrivener worth the learning curve over Word? Or do you prefer other software?

There is a learning curve. I know the basics, but it can get confusing. That’s why I’d recommend spending time familiarizing yourself with the tool.

How are your German and Portuguese translations doing? What are your thoughts on foreign markets?

I LOVE the potential of foreign markets. But it’s hard to do. I would LOVE to see an ACX style service for market.

I find it hard because you have to treat each book like its own publishing entity, which often gets in the way of running my English-based books.

You have to create a specific lead magnet for that market and start an autoresponder sequence in the language. You need a translator and a marketing partner.

The Portuguese translations are going really well! $1,000 to $2,000K per month. It could be more if I spent more time on it.  The German translations has lots of potential, but pressed for time managing the whole thing.

Still love the potential, but it often takes a backseat to my other activities.

How can I get my books translated reasonably cheap?

Translation can be pretty expensive. Translators are often charge upward of $0.10 to $0.40 per word.

One option is It’s a pretty hands-off option but they take a pretty big cut. But it’s not KDP Select friendly.

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