What Is An Appendix And How To Write One For Your Book

how to write an appendix page

You’ve got some great content you want to add to your book.

But you’re not sure if including it in the main body of your work is a good idea. 

Though it’s helpful and interesting (at least to you), it would interrupt the flow of the chapter it supports.

Plus, it’s not essential for understanding your book.

But it does add something you think is pretty special. 

So, you’re thinking, “Is this appendix material?”

Read on to find out. 

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10 Steps To Illustrate Your Children’s Book 

how to illustrate a children’s book

Would you like to illustrate your own children’s book

If you already have some skill at drawing, you have an advantage.

If not, this skill is definitely in the realm of the learnable. 

So, before you dive into every resource you find on how to get a children’s book illustrated by a paid professional, let’s look at how you might do this yourself — if you’re even a little inclined to try. 

The advantages of learning this could go far beyond your current project.

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21 Gorgeous Children’s Book Illustrations To Inspire You

childrens book illustrations

You’re looking for inspiring examples of children’s book illustrations — perhaps because you’d like to create your own. 

Even if you’ve decided to hire a professional illustrator, you want to know what illustration style best fits your book.

Maybe you’ve seen some beautiful children’s book illustrations that left you thinking, “Gorgeous… but not quite right for my book.” 

May those creative instincts, plus the inspiration from our list below, give you just the insight you need. 

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How To Create Sellable Low-Content Books Your Readers Will Love

low content books

Low content publishing is having a moment.

And while it may have started with journals, this publishing genre has expanded to include a variety of low-content printables. 

We bet you could brainstorm a bunch of low-content book ideas yourself.

But if you’re looking for inspiration for your next passive income-generating project, we have 13 creative and customizable options for you to explore. 

All they need is your brilliant mind and relentless action-taking to create something your customers will love. 

Let’s get to the good stuff. 

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What Is The Difference Between An Autobiography And A Biography?

the difference between autobiography and biography

What are the differences between autobiographies and biographies? 

The two words are not interchangeable.

And neither is a subset of the other.

Once you get a handle on what sets them apart, you’ll never get them confused again. 

You’ll be able to explain the difference between autobiography and biography as proficiently as any publisher or semantics expert.

And you’ll know just how to market your book to get your ideal reader’s attention

Let’s get started. 

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So Where Does The Comma Go? Before Or After So?

It’s not the first time you felt stymied as a writer.

It happens. You’re looking at a sentence you wrote and thinking, “Do you put a comma before so?” 

Is so a coordinating conjunction? Is it a subordinating conjunction? Is it an adverb? 

The short answer is, “Sure. It can be any of those things.” But until you see when and how, knowing that doesn’t help much. 

Once you know the rules described in this post, though, say goodbye to confusion. 

You won’t miss it.

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9 Compelling Ways To End A Story And Leave Them Wanting More

how to end a story

You’re mapping out your story, playing with ideas for its beginning, middle, and end.

You’ve read so many beautifully-written stories by now.

You’re no stranger to book endings. 

It’s easy enough to criticize another author for the way they chose to end their story.

But now you’re faced with the same challenge: how to end a novel in a way that makes sense and will leave your readers hungry for more, especially if you’re writing a series. 

Good ideas ahead. 

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