Write Like Water: 9 Ways to Achieve Effortless Writing Flow

picture of waterfall writing flow

Whether you’re working on the next great American novel or drafting your company’s annual report, choppy, disjointed writing kills readability. 

Smooth, seamless prose sweeps readers along effortlessly. 

So how can you transform stilted, clumsy text into flowing, lyrical passages? 

In this article, we provide simple yet powerful tips to dramatically improve the flow of your writing. 

From varying sentence structure to connecting paragraphs cohesively, these techniques will help you captivate readers from the very first word.

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When And How To Use “Per Our Conversation” + 9 Alternative Phrases

per our conversation

“Per our conversation” is a phrase that’s frequently tossed around, and today, we’re breaking it down.

What does it mean?

Is it grammatically sound?

When should you use it?

Is it rude — or can it be?

All the answers are below.

So pull up a screen and prepare to learn everything you could possibly want to know about “per our conversation.”

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Understanding Second-Person Point Of View + 7 Examples

second person point of view examples

When writing fiction, it’s more usual to use either first person, third person omniscient, or third person limited.

Second person has its drawbacks and limitations, but sometimes it’s the exact right point of view for the story, and if that’s the case, then you should go for it.

It can also be an interesting exercise to try writing your current work in progress in second person to look at it from a different angle and see it in a way you may not have been able to see it before.

It’s certainly worth exploring second-person point of view to improve your writing and perhaps find new ways to create your characters and write your books.

In this article, we’re going to look at what second-person point of view is, why you should use it, why you might avoid it, and we’ll give you some examples of writing in second person.

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Wondering About The Longest Book Series? Here Are 11 That Might Surprise You

longest book series

A book series is the literary equivalent of a long-running television show.

They feature in-depth plots and detailed character development, making them more engaging to many readers.

Today, we’re looking at some of the longest-running book series of all time.

We tried to add something for everyone and hope you find an option to test drive.

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Did You Love The Love Hypothesis? 15 Similar Books You Should Try

books like the love hypothesis

Are you in search of books similar to The Love Hypothesis?

If so, you’ve landed in the right place.

Because today, we’re looking at 15 romance novels that feature either a fake or antagonistic relationship that blossoms into love.

So if you’re ready to get lost in a feel-good story, check out the novels below.

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How To Write A Personal Narrative + 5 Personal Narrative Examples

How To Write a Personal Narrative

Tell us about yourself.

Scary, right!?

Welcome to the art of writing personal narratives.

It’s one of the most intimidating but powerful writing styles out there.

But don’t worry. We got your back. 

Below, we’re breaking it all down with narrative writing examples.

By the end, you’ll have the tips you need to get it done…and done well.

So grab your notepad, and let’s dive in. 

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19 Can’t-Put-Down Dystopian Books Like 1984

books like 1984

Are you looking for books similar to 1984, George Orwell’s magnum opus? 

If so, you’ve crash-landed into the right spot.

Our team curated a list of 19 novels for readers searching for stories that tackle similar issues to those explored in Orwell’s satirical, social-science classic. 

Some titles are more lighthearted than others, and our list spans decades and demographics. 

In other words: There’s variety, and we hope you find something that hits your literary spot!

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