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How To Become An Author In 2020

You’ve decided on an author career. Of all the things you could do full-time (and then some) to earn an income, you’ve chosen to write books for publication. And after hearing stories of successful writers earning more than enough with their craft, you’re ready to dive in. Writing is much more than a hobby to […]


How To Become A Publisher (The Ultimate Guide)

If you’re a self-published author, you may be wondering whether you could start a publishing company of your own. It’s not crazy. And you wouldn’t be the first. In fact, more and more authors are choosing to publish their work under their own name or a name of their choosing, rather than using Amazon as […]


How To Write Dialogue In Your Novel Or Short Story

You’re reading a new story, and you’ve just hit the first bit of dialogue between two characters. The problem? You’re too busy thinking, “What was the author thinking?” to focus on the story being told. It’s jarring or riddled with wordy dialogue tags. As a reader, it makes you put down the book and move […]


48 Fun Flash Fiction Writing Prompts

You keep running into microfiction stories in your social media feeds. Some of them are really good, too. And you’re thinking, “I bet I could write something like that.” All you need are some inspiring flash fiction prompts to get you started. Even if you just want to challenge yourself to write more and to […]


51 Fantasy Writing Prompts To Stoke Your Creativity

You’ve just finished reading a fantasy novel, and while you hate that there’s no more to read, you’re so in love with the story and its characters, you marvel at the author’s power and imagination. What must it be like to make readers feel the way you’re feeling right now? With the generous supply of […]

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