7 Steps To Writing An Un-Put-Downable Psychological Thriller

7 Steps To Writing An Un-Put-Downable Psychological Thriller FI

Psychological thrillers are hot right now.

You’ve seen the titles turned into movies. You’ve probably read and watched plenty yourself.

They’re addictive. 

It’s not just the suspense that pulls you in.

Yes, you know something bad is threatening the protagonist, but a big part of the draw is what you get to see going on in the characters’ heads. 

You love this genre so much, you want to write your own. But for starters, you need to know the elements of a psychological thriller. 

Let’s start by getting clear on what it is — and isn’t. 

What is a Psychological Thriller 

A thriller is a fast-paced novel full of nail-biting suspense, high stakes, and shocking twists. 

Add the word psychological, and you get a thrill ride that shows you what’s going on in the heads of characters — usually the protagonist, but sometimes the antagonist (or both).

Now, we come to the confusion regarding psychological horror vs. psychological thriller.

While both deal with inner conflict or inner threats, some key differences set them apart:

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7 Key Elements Of Suspense Story Writing

7 Key Elements Of Suspense Story Writing

You have an excellent idea for a suspense novel.

But getting that story onto the page and keeping your readers at the edge of their seats is more challenging than you thought. 

It’s plenty suspenseful in your head. But when you write it out, something is missing

Welcome to Authority Pub’s guide on how to write suspense — with everything you need to know about creating suspense for your readers and nothing you don’t.  

You’ll be back to writing that future best seller in no time. 

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51 Of The Best Historical Fiction Writing Prompts

Historical Fiction Writing Prompts FI

You’re looking for historical fiction ideas, and most of the ones you’ve come across are either too detailed and specific or too vague — at least for you. 

History writing prompts should paint enough of a picture to allow you to fill in the gaps as you step into it and look around.

Your own perspective and the connections that form in your mind will take that partial image and complete it. 

We kept that in mind while creating this list of 51 writing prompts for your novel. May each one flood your mind with the possibilities. 

51 Historical Fiction Writing Prompts 

If you’re racking your brain for interesting historical events to write about, check out the following prompts to get those synapses firing. You’ll find everything from civil war writing prompts to famous unsolved mysteries. Dig in and find something to play with. 

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47 Character Development Prompts To Flesh Out Your Book Characters

character development prompts FI

What kind of person is your main character? 

Maybe you’ve started to hear their voice in your head, but they just haven’t been very talkative. 

What can you do to make your character reveal their full self, quirks and all? 

The best way to get to know the people you’ve created is to use character development writing prompts.

We’ve created a list of 47 to put each of your key characters to the test.

Choose your own adventures for them. And see what your characters reveal about themselves. 

Actions speak louder than words. But you’ll need both. 

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63 Of The Best Memoir Writing Prompts To Stoke Your Ideas

63 Best Memoir Writing Prompts To Stoke Your Ideas FI

You’re writing a memoir. But you’re not sure what questions or life lessons you want to focus on.

Even if only family members and friends will read the finished book, you want to make it worth their time. 

This isn’t just a whimsical collection of anecdotes from your life.

You want to convey something to your readers that will stay with them. 

And maybe you want your memoir’s impact to serve as your legacy — a testament to how you made a small (or large) difference. 

The collection of memoir questions in this post can help you create a legacy worth sharing.

So, if you don’t already have enough ideas for a memoir, read on. 

63 Memoir Writing Prompts 

Use the following questions as memoir writing exercises. Choose those that immediately evoke memories that have stayed with you over the years.

Group them by theme — family, career, beliefs, etc. — and address at least one question a day. 

For each question, write freely for around 300 to 400 words. You can always edit later to tighten it up or add more content. 

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Do You Know The 7 Steps Of The Writing Process?

Do You Know The 7 Steps Of The Writing Process? FI

How much do you know about the different stages of the writing process? Even if you’ve been writing for years, your understanding of the processes of writing may be limited to writing, editing, and publishing. 

It’s not your fault. Much of the writing instruction in school and online focus most heavily on those three critical steps. 

Important as they are, though, there’s more to creating a successful book than those three. And as a writer, you need to know.   

The 7 Steps of the Writing Process

Read on to familiarize yourself with the seven writing process steps most writers go through — at least to some extent. The more you know each step and its importance, the more you can do it justice before moving on to the next. 

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25 Of The Best Young Adult Publishers

Young Adult Publishers FI

You’ve written a novel or nonfiction book for a young adult audience. Or you have a fantastic idea for one

The problem? You keep finding links to YA publishers who either don’t exist anymore or don’t accept unagented submissions. 

You don’t currently have an agent. But you don’t think that should hold you back. 

Welcome to our dead-link-free list of young adult publishers. We aim to make it easier to find the YA publishers most likely to love your book

Because, with or without an agent, your well-written YA book deserves a chance.

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