Did You Love The Love Hypothesis? 15 Similar Books You Should Try

books like the love hypothesis

Are you in search of books similar to The Love Hypothesis?

If so, you’ve landed in the right place.

Because today, we’re looking at 15 romance novels that feature either a fake or antagonistic relationship that blossoms into love.

So if you’re ready to get lost in a feel-good story, check out the novels below.

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Are You A Kristen Hannah Fan? You’ll Love These 9 Similar Authors

authors like Kristen Hannah

Did you just finish Kristen Hannah’s latest bestseller?

Are you now searching for more books like The Nightingale?

Or maybe you binged Firefly Lane on Netflix and are searching for authors similar to Kristin Hannah.

Either way, you’re in luck — because we’ve curated a list of authors that fit the bill.

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Self-Publishing A Cookbook Is Easy: Here’s Your 10-Step Plan

self-publish a cookbook

When you think about the sheer number of things involved in putting a cookbook together, it really can seem overwhelming. 

But don’t panic. 

We’ve got just what you need all laid out below with our 10-step plan on cookbook self-publishing.

We’ll talk you through settling on your book idea, writing your book, coming up with a design, and more.

Before you know it, you’ll have run through our steps, and you’ll soon be well on the way to publishing your cookbook.

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101 Imaginative And Fun Author Interview Questions

author interview questions

You’re ready to interview an author for your blog.

Or maybe you’ve started a podcast and are wondering how to interview an author for it? 

We’re here to help — both with preparing for the interview and with making your list of author interview questions. 

As authors with an insatiable appetite for authentic stories, we created this post to answer the question, “What are good questions to ask an author about a book?”

There are loads of questions you could ask.

But these will make the interview more enjoyable for you and your guests. 

For authors, these questions can help prepare you for interviews and know what to expect when you’re called on to talk about your work.

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13 Creative Writing Jobs You Can Do From Home

writing jobs from home

You’re looking for remote creative writing jobs — and not just because you’re an introvert with a knack for writing

You have an independent spirit, and you can think of many reasons why working from home would be a good fit for you. 

So many of your peers are working remotely, now, after all. And you’d very much like to join them. But what types of creative writing opportunities should you focus on? 

Welcome to our list of 13 options with links to help you get started. 

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Self-Publishing On Amazon? Here Are the Pros and Cons

Since the beginning of the self-publishing industry, Amazon and other indie publishing platforms have made it progressively easier for authors to get their work onto the market. 

Yes, there are still caveats. And self-publishing isn’t for everyone. 

Knowing the pros and cons of self-publishing makes it easier to decide whether this is the right path for you to take with your book. 

And KDP Direct pros and cons can help you decide whether to include Amazon in your self-publishing plan, considering its perks and the alternatives. 

What you learn here can also help you decide whether any of this is worth the trouble. 

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How Much Money Can An Author Make?

Ever wondered how much money can one earn being an author? Read this post as we break it down for you so you understand exactly how much you can make by writing and publishing your books.

“How much do authors make?” We hear that a lot, don’t we?

And we can’t help but want to hear the answer in case the news gets better than it was the last time we heard it. And sometimes, it is. Sometimes.

But where do you go for a more objective answer to that question (whether it’s encouraging or not)?

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