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Quote of the day:

Once, if you told people you were self-published, they’d look at you like you were a smelly old jobless hobo just come off a dusty boxcar with soup can shoes and a hat made from a coyote skull.

– Chuck Wendig

The Self-Publishing Questions podcast is currently on hiatus for a number of reasons. First of all, Steve was overwhelmed with running his book business on his own. Secondly, he recently got married and his wife is expecting, so there is a lot going on in his personal life at the moment. So he has decided to do a team podcast with Barrie Davenport and Ron.

Barrie has published 10 books with $50,000 profits, has a background in PR, and hosts her own blog called Live Bold and Bloom. Meanwhile, Ron is an SEO and social media expert and business owner.

Barrie and Steve also co-wrote two books called “10-Minute Declutter” and “10-Minute Digital Declutter.”

With the ASP podcast, you can expect, first and foremost, great content about self-publishing. There will be two episodes per week, on Mondays and Thursdays, and each episode will be between 30 and 45 minutes long. Barrie will be the lead host and facilitator, while Steve and Ron will chime in with expert advice about the self-publishing industry.

A few of the episodes we have scheduled are “How to Make Money Through Books,” “How to Build a Solid Writing Habit,” “The Cost of Self-Publishing,” and “BookBub.”

The concepts and strategies discussed on the ASP podcast are also discussed in the Facebook group, Authority Self-Publishing Facebook group.

Finally, Slack is a great online collaboration tool that you might find useful!

Join us next time, and thanks for checking out the ASP podcast!

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1 thought on “ASP 00: Welcome to Authority Self-Publishing”

  1. Steve, so glad you are back in the podcast game. I was a huge fan of SPQ and found it very helpful. Good to see you got some help with the heavy lifting here on Authority Self Publishing.

    Barrie, I checked out your site last night and subscribed to your email list so I look forward to adding another quality resource to my workflow.

    Finally, you may want to update the show notes to add a link to Amazon for your new “10-Minute Digital Declutter” book. I bought it last night as well and look forward to reading and reviewing.

    Good luck with the new endeavor.



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