ASP 42: How to Build Incredible Book Buzz Using Facebook Live

Quote of the day:

“Facebook is so ubiquitous now that it’s like another manifestation of the Web itself.”

– Max Levchin

In this episode, Barrie and Ron talk about a new, cutting-edge way to engage with readers, fans, and followers using Facebook Live, a live streaming video feature on Facebook with the power to attract thousands of new followers. Learn how authors can take advantage of this service to build credibility, gain more subscribers, and sell more books.

 What is Facebook Live and how is it used?

Facebook Live is another way to reach a new audience. More than 5 million people use Facebook every month, and live streaming has been around for a while. Facebook Live is live streaming video (using your smartphone) within the platform itself. You can use it to build your Facebook group or page.

Why is it important to be an early adopter of Facebook Live?

Ideally, you already have a built-in audience, especially if you have a Facebook group. Live streaming is a fascinating way to connect with your audience, and feels more engaged and personal compared to recorded video.

You can check out Facebook Live Map to see where live streams are playing all over the world.

Being an early adopter isn’t such a big risk, because you have the brand of Facebook behind you, and learning it is easy. An upside of early adoption is that Facebook is currently promoting the app heavily. You’ll be able to find an audience more quickly and earlier with the help of Facebook’s promotion.

Specific ways authors can use Facebook Live to build their businesses.

Live streaming can help you build a more personal and authentic relationship with your audience. It helps to show who you are, how and where you write, and what your book spaces are. You can also do a book reading of a chapter and gain feedback—sort of like a virtual book tour. Book launch parties are also a good strategy, and you can put together a tutorial based on a book topic or chapter.

  1. Get your readers to help you write a book – ask for ideas after presenting your book idea and outline

Step-by-step, easy instructions for setting up Facebook Live on your smartphone.

The app is available only on your android or iOS device (no desktop version available yet). You will need to tap the Facebook Live icon within your Facebook app, then write a description on what the livestream will be about. Be sure the description is accurate. Then choose your audience, and click “Live.” (You can only livestream for 30 minutes.)

When done, click Finish. Facebook actually saves the recording.

How to announce and promote a Facebook Live event.

The best strategy is to announce it in advance via Facebook Events.

How to engage with your Facebook Live attendees.

One great addition to the app is that people can comment during the livestream. Engage and interact with your audience, encouraging them to comment and carry on a discourse. Respond to comments and mention the commenter’s name to help make it more personal. And if somebody is being a nuisance during your live event, you can always block them.

Other tips:

Plan out your livestream beforehand. Plan what you are going to say, and use a stand or tripod (such as Glif) so you’re hands-free while you livestream.

How to include a call to action during your live event.

Calls to action are one of the most valuable strategies available for self-publishers, but you don’t want to use your livestream to sell directly to your audience. Instead, make the program about them. If you have something to sell, mention it in the post or at the end of the livestream. But don’t be afraid to give it a shot.

You will need to continuously find new and better ways to promote your books and yourself because everyone else is doing the same thing and the competition is always getting tougher.

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