ASP 52: Mastering Masterminding for Your Author Business

Quote of the Day:

“While some diversity is healthy, there must be a unity of purpose and mission. All of the members of the mastermind group are focused on the same main goals.” – Jonathan Milligan

What is a mastermind group exactly?

A mastermind group is a group of people you meet on a regular basis whose members hold you accountable for your goals and help keep you on track. You can also approach these people whenever you have a particular problem.

The term came from Napoleon Hill (Think Grow Rich). Meet with people who are at your level and talk to at a regular basis.

Why are they beneficial for writers/self-publishers?

Self-publishing and writing is a lonely business. Having a mastermind group helps you get accountability and talk to other people.

You need people to share ideas with to see if they’ll resonate with others.

What makes a mastermind group successful?

  • A group has to have 4 to 6 members who are “on the same level” (or either slightly below or slightly above): people who are going through the same things like you do.
  • Make sure that someone is spearheading it.
  • Set date and time for each meeting. It also helps to have an agenda.
  • For Steve’s group, a different person in put on the “Hot Seat” in each meeting, talking about the challenges he faces in his business.
  • A group should have a set of rules for what is acceptable and not.
  • Most importantly, the group should have a main goal that is shared by all members.

Mastermind Group Alternative: If you don’t feel like talking to a group of five people every other week, you can find an accountability partner. Have regular 20- to 30-minute weekly meetings to share goals and accomplishments.

Do you need to pay to join a mastermind group?

If you can afford it and if you are clear and sure about what you want out of a paid group, invest in it., especially if the people spearheading the group are people you can learn a lot from.

Make sure that other members of the group are on the same level as you.

If you want to start your own group, how should you do that and who should you invite?

To find the right people, be honest about what you’re trying to achieve or what level you are in.

If you plan to spearhead it, find people who complement your skills or are engaged in stuff you want to learn more about. You should also make sure that they have a like-minded work ethic and actually enjoy what they’re doing.

Private message or call them via Skype to see if you even like them. Eventually you’ll find your core 4 to 5 people.

Don’t be afraid to start small. Form an informal slack channel or Facebook group where you can share ideas with other people.

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