ASP 51: Steve Answers YOUR Self-Publishing Questions [Part 1]

Steve answers questions from the member of the Authority Self-Publishing Facebook group.  If you also want your self-publishing questions answered, join the group if you haven’t already.

Once your book is written in word and has been edited, you have your title and cover design, what is your next step?

Go over to to know which next steps to take. The 46-step checklist cover the complete set of steps you need to take your book from idea to published book.

Basically, the next steps would be:

  • Upload it to Amazon or other e-book platforms
  • Write your book description
  • Set your price
  • Spend at least one week to find people who would review your book.

How many testimonials/editorial reviews should you aim for?

Shoot for at least 5 to 10 reviews before you actively promote your book. But don’t obsess to much over it, like aiming for 40.

I saw somebody recently say they’d be interested in seeing someone put testimonials from Facebook (screenshot) in their book to show non-influencers getting results. What do you think?

Go for it, but for the most part, don’t stress too much over it.

Regarding a Facebook group for a book launch, do you keep the group going after the launch and buzz is over, or would you consider it to be a temporary thing?

I’m relatively new to using Facebook to build buzz for my books. I’ve only recently used a Facebook group to launch The Miracle Morning for Writers which I work with Hal Elrod.

But I think it’s definitely something you should do. I recommend building a Facebook around your brand instead of just one book. Engage your FB group by asking their input about your title, content and other aspects of the group.

Have you redone any of your covers? If yes, did it help sales? If no, why not?

No. But if you have the time and budget, consider doing it. It’s nice to do but I feel that it doesn’t really impact your sales.

I have notice a lot of self-publishers using file sharing programs instead of their own domain server for customers to down load their products. Is this a good idea or will it create more headaches?

You never want to do this. You want to have complete control over your content. I recommend using It helps your readers download your book easier.

You can also use PrettyLink, a WordPress plugin, to help you track and control the redirect links to your books. Example:

What’s your opinion on having a foreword and how do you go about asking someone to do one?

It’s nice to have a foreword but it’s not critical. If you can ask someone who is a big influencer, go for it.

What is the best way of getting reviews when you are just getting started and do not have an e-mail list?

It’s a hard thing to do. People are getting tired of leaving reviews for books.

Go to a forum or Facebook group (ahead of publishing your book) and spend a week or two connecting with people, answering questions and generally being a good member. When the time comes to publish your book, you can ask them for a review on a one-on-one basis.

Is it a good or bad idea for a first time author to release three books at the same time?

Release one book per week.

This will help you get traction per book when it comes to promotion. Include a lead magnet in your first book so that you can email your list and let them know about second and third books.

What are the most important systems or habits that you employ in your life (daily or weekly) which help your business?

My daily activities:

  1. Writing on a daily basis
  2. Interacting on one or two social media platforms. Talk to people in your niche.
    1. Pinterest
    2. Facebook
  3. Work on the next action for your book business.
    1. I use the Todoist app to itemized the 46-item self-publishing checklist.
  4. Putting ideas on Evernote or Slack.

My weekly activities:

  1. Schedule out my book promotion
    1. Keep track your KDP Select expiration date info
    2. Set a promotion for books about to expire.
  2. Email my list about book promos or events such as book sales, affiliate offers, and good pieces of content.

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