Wondering About The Longest Book Series? Here Are 11 That Might Surprise You

longest book series

A book series is the literary equivalent of a long-running television show.

They feature in-depth plots and detailed character development, making them more engaging to many readers.

Today, we’re looking at some of the longest-running book series of all time.

We tried to add something for everyone and hope you find an option to test drive.

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Did You Love The Love Hypothesis? 15 Similar Books You Should Try

books like the love hypothesis

Are you in search of books similar to The Love Hypothesis?

If so, you’ve landed in the right place.

Because today, we’re looking at 15 romance novels that feature either a fake or antagonistic relationship that blossoms into love.

So if you’re ready to get lost in a feel-good story, check out the novels below.

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Everything You Need To Know About Self-Publishing A Board Book

self-publish board book

Interested in self-publishing books for babies and toddlers?

If so, and your target market is infants and toddlers, you’ll need to read up on the “board book business.”

What is that?

Board books are the colorful first readers with thick pages found in preschools and daycares — aka, the books friends and family shower you with the moment you give birth. (Because every newborn is the next Albert Einstein.)

How does one go about creating and publishing one?

Below, we’re breaking it all down — from board book printing to writing to marketing to distribution logistics.

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257 Funny Adjectives To Describe Someone Or a Character

Funny Adjectives To Describe Someone Or a Character

Have you ever struggled to find just the right word to describe someone’s unique, hilarious, or eccentric qualities?

Look no further! 

We’ve put together a fabulous collection of funny adjectives covering every letter of the alphabet. Get ready to expand your vocabulary and add a touch of humor to your conversations!

From “absurd” to “zestful,” these funny words are perfect for describing the amusing characters you will write about. 

Whether you’re talking about quirky mannerisms or wacky antics, these words will help you paint a vivid and entertaining picture.

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15 Copywriting Books That Should Be In Every Writer’s Library

best copywriting books

Maybe you’re looking for ways to increase your freelance writing income or you dream of authoring a bestselling novel.

Whichever the case, you’re searching for tutorials on how to become a better writer.

Ask a professional scribe for tips on polishing one’s prose, and they’ll probably tell you a few things, among which is studying some books about the art of copywriting.

Because even if you don’t go in that direction as a writer, the skills learned will sharpen all your prose.

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Are You A Kristen Hannah Fan? You’ll Love These 9 Similar Authors

authors like Kristen Hannah

Did you just finish Kristen Hannah’s latest bestseller?

Are you now searching for more books like The Nightingale?

Or maybe you binged Firefly Lane on Netflix and are searching for authors similar to Kristin Hannah.

Either way, you’re in luck — because we’ve curated a list of authors that fit the bill.

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25 Of The Best Books On Writing

Looking for books to hone your skills as a writer? Maybe you’re looking for the perfect gift for a writer you know whose library of the craft needs some new powerhouse additions.

No matter what reason you have to shop for books (and do you really need one, anyway?), this list shares the titles of favorites for five different categories.

So, if you’re looking for the best books on writing — whether you’re writing novels, short stories, poetry, or creative nonfiction — look no further.

Which new book will you add to your writer’s library today?

Anyone of the books listed below will help you reach your writing goals and become a better writer.

And any one of them would make a thoughtful and supportive gift for the writers in your life.

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