71 Positive Words That Start With N to Describe a Person or Character

words that start with N

Need some nifty new words to make your characters jump off the page? 

Look no further! 

This treasure trove of 71 positive “n” adjectives will give you the tools to craft unforgettable descriptions that will captivate your readers. 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect word to capture a character’s noble spirit, nurturing nature, or nerdy charm, this list has you covered. 

Get ready to elevate your writing and bring your characters to life like never before.

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Where Can I Donate Old Books? 19 Places to Share Those Great Reads

If you’re like most writers and authors, chances are you’ve got stacks of books piling up, silently judging you for the space they’re hogging. 

Before you consider building a book fort, why not pass those cherished reads on to new homes? 

We’ve got 19 fantastic spots where your old books can embark on fresh adventures. 

Dive in and discover where your literary treasures can find their next chapter (pun intended)!

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84 Superhero Name Ideas for Captivating Characters

Superhero Name Ideas

Choosing the perfect name for your superhero is more than just a creative exercise; it’s a fundamental step in bringing your character to life. 

For new writers, this task can seem daunting, as the name encapsulates the essence, powers, and spirit of the hero you’ve envisioned. 

A well-crafted hero name can instantly evoke curiosity that sets the stage for your character’s journey. 

Whether inspired by mythology, cosmic phenomena, or the hero’s unique abilities, the right name can turn your character from a mere concept into a beloved figure in the reader’s imagination. 

In this post, we’ll explore a range of superhero name ideas to spark your creativity and help you find that perfect name for character.

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16 Best Self-Publishing Companies For Your Writing Business

self publishing companies

You’ve spent weeks writing, rewriting, and polishing your manuscript.

Now, you have it in book form — thoroughly edited, artfully formatted, and wrapped in a gorgeous cover. 

Because you’ve chosen to self-publish.

And while thousands of self-published authors sell 300 or fewer copies of their books, you know hundreds sell them in the thousands, because they’ve learned how to market them.

You intend to be one of those authors, and you’re doing your homework. 

Because we’re all about successful self-publishing, we’ve created this detailed list of the 19 best self-publishing companies.

Read on to learn what you need to know — including why you should self-publish in the first place.

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How To Use The Rule Of 30,000 To Make A Profit On Amazon

How to Use the Rule of 30,000 to Make a Profit on Amazon

Perhaps you’re one of the thousands of people bitten by the writing bug who would love to make a living from writing books all day.

Can it be done? Absolutely!

The world of publishing has changed dramatically in the last ten years.

Self-publishing your book doesn’t have the negative reputation it once did. I

n fact, thousands of authors have self-published because it gives them more control over their work and a greater share of the profits.

Some self-published authors have received movie deals and created seven figure royalties, not to mention millions of readers who now recognize the author’s name and enjoy their work.

Amazon has given self-published authors the necessary tools and resources to edit, format and distribute their books to readers around the world.

Not only can authors track sales with up-to-date rankings and analytics, but they can also research and choose a profitable niche by understanding the 30,000 Rule in Amazon’s Best Seller rankings.

Wait … You had no idea you could predetermine profitable book niches?

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Wondering About The Longest Book Series? Here Are 11 That Might Surprise You

books on a shelf longest book series

A book series is the literary equivalent of a long-running television show.

They feature in-depth plots and detailed character development, making them more engaging to many readers.

Today, we’re looking at some of the longest-running book series of all time.

We tried to add something for everyone and hope you find an option to test drive.

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