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Writing a Story? 10 Key Parts Of A Story You Must Include

Do you know the essential parts of a story — or why they’re essential? Think back to the last story you read (or listened to) that captured your imagination and held onto it to the end. Chances are the story elements described in this article were responsible for that. And you can probably point to […]


First Line Generator: 49 Sentences To Get You Started Writing

Sometimes, the muse speaks through creative writing prompts. And sometimes all you need is a single sentence to get you started on your next epic story. Among the one sentence prompts you’ll find below, you’re sure to find at least one first line generator for a story you’ll love writing. So, whether you’ve got a […]


How Long Should A Short Story Be?

How long can a story be before it’s no longer a short story? Or what’s the maximum short story length for flash fiction? If you’re a fiction writer, you’re already familiar with the distinction between short stories, novellas, and novels. But now that short stories themselves have sub-species of different lengths, how do you know […]


24 Must-Read Stephen King Quotes On Writing

Writing great fiction is enough of a challenge without all the conflicting advice out there. When was the last time you read a bit of advice and thought, “But so-and-so said the exact opposite”? Different people like different styles, so variety is a good thing. And authors like Stephen King realize that. If he criticizes […]


How Many Words Should Be In A Chapter Of A Book?

If you’re wondering how long you should make your book chapters, think of books you’ve read that kept a firm grip on your interest from one chapter to the next. Do you remember taking half an hour or more to get through one chapter? Did it feel too long, too short, or just right for […]


12 Effective Tips On How To Write Faster

Would you like some practical tips on how to write faster? Of course, you would. Who in the writing community wouldn’t love to get more writing done in less time? Fast writing means more time to spend with family and friends, more time to explore new creative outlets, and more time to read, among other […]

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