How To Use Writing As A Meditation

writing as meditation

Meditating is more than sitting quietly and focusing on your breath — (although that is also an option).

There are myriad ways to develop a meditation practice, including guided imagery, body scans, and walking.

But have you ever heard of writing as meditation?  

It may sound contradictory.

After all, meditation is usually associated with sitting still, not scribing. 

However, mindful writing exercises are also effective concentration-building tools — plus, there’s a creativity boost cherry on top.

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Every Writer Needs A Good Book On Grammar: Here Are 15 Of The Best


How often do you question if you’re using the correct punctuation or proper verb tenses when you’re writing? 

Do you have a grammar app but sometimes wonder if the suggestions are correct for the type of writing your doing?

A high-quality English grammar book is essential for writing well. 

Some grammar books are better than others, so choose one that explains proper grammar for your type of writing, and that’s tailored to your needs.  

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25 Of The Best Relationship Books For Couples

relationship books for couples

Do you and your love partner make daily efforts to strengthen and improve your relationship?

If not, you might want to pay attention because the quality of your love relationship determines your overall happiness and even your health.

All couples, whether married or dating, straight or gay, should consciously take action to keep their relationship strong and healthy for the long haul.

One valuable way to do this is by reading books for couples or marriage books offering concrete steps to enhance the love, trust, respect, and intimacy between you. R

eading together could be a great date night idea that could enhance conversation and build closeness.

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How Long Does It Take To Write A Book?

How long should a book be?

Whenever that question comes up, the answer is usually “It depends” (or something to that effect), but we can get closer to a more helpful answer by getting more specific on the type of book we want to write.

Whether you’re writing a novel or a nonfiction book, though, the average length will depend on how your book compares to others of the same genre or subject matter.

So, before you can answer the question, “How long does it take to write a book?” you need to know some crucial details — and not just about the book itself:

This article is all about helping you determine how long it will take you to write the book you want — and to help you write it.

Only then can you work on getting your words out to those who will most enjoy reading them.

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List Of The 15 Best Writing Strategies And Examples

best writing strategies and examples

When you’re a writer, you need to know the best strategies to get your reader’s attention and hold onto it.

The goal is to get them hooked on your content, so they’ll want to read more.

Only then can you cultivate a relationship that serves you both.

So, how do you do that (without actually hypnotizing them)?

You learn different writing strategies, applied to advantage by the pros, and work on making them your own. 

The first question to answer is, “What is a writing strategy?” 

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How To Write A Children’s Book: All You Need To Know

Interested in writing children’s books?

Maybe you already have a particular smiling face in mind — or a classroom full of them.

Perhaps you already have an idea for a storybook, but you’re not sure how to turn it into a finished book for the right age group.

And once you get it written and illustrated, do you know how to get a children’s book published?

Fortunately, once you do learn how to write a children’s book, getting it published is a matter of following a few easy steps, much like publishing books for older readers.

And today’s children’s book authors have plenty of helpful tools and resources at their disposal.

Are you ready to get started writing books for children? Read on to learn all you need to know to get started.

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