Writing About A Tragic Hero? Here’s Your List of Tragic Hero Traits To Flesh Out Your Character

tragic hero traits

You’ve read enough stories to know how compelling tragic heroes can be.

And you have ideas for one of your own. 

You just need to know what traits will make them irresistible to your readers. 

Welcome to the ultimate guide to tragic hero characteristics.

From Aristotle’s tragic hero to your newest character inspiration, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the universal (or generally agreed upon) traits of a tragic hero. 

Let’s dive in! 

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66 Horror Writing Prompts That Are Freaky As Hell

horror writing prompts New FI

Looking for some scary story ideas for your next writing project?

Sometimes, a good scary prompt idea is all you need to get started on a dark story your readers won’t be able to put down.

And that is the goal. What’s a horror story without white-knuckle suspense?

You want your readers at the edge of their seats, unable to stop though they know something bad is about to happen.

You also want to reward them for reading to the end and leave them wanting more.

So, how can this collection of horror writing prompts help with that?

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7 Of The Best Writing Prompts Apps You Need To Try

writing prompts apps

Stumped about what to write today?

You’re in good company.

There’s no shame in admitting that, either.

Even the best writers have days when they could use a little help.

Whether you’re journaling or brainstorming ideas for a new story, book, or blog post, a writing prompts app could change everything.

And after looking through the list below, you’ll have a better idea of which prompt app will help you the most.

Read on to find a new favorite.

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Are You Using Passive Voice In Your Writing? Here’s How To Fix It

how to fix passive voice

What is passive voice misuse?

How do you know if you’re overdoing it with passive voice constructions?

And is active voice always better? 

If you’ve ever run your work through the Heminway Editor, you know it flags passive voice right away (along with wordy or overly long sentences). 

Human editors, too, tend to bristle at the overuse of passive voice.

So, it’s a huge time-saver when you know how to recognize and correct it in your writing. 

Read on to learn how. 

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55 Funny Writing Prompts To Inspire Your Inner Comedian

funny writing prompts

Hands up if you’ve enjoyed a funny series or movie lately and hoped the writers were well-paid for their work? 

Laughter is good medicine.

So, think of the comedy writing prompts in this post as our contribution to making the world a healthier place.

If you love to make people laugh but you’re struggling to think of funny topics to write about, we’ve got you covered. 

The real challenge is deciding which prompt to use first. 

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15 Common Grammar Mistakes That Kill Your Writing Credibility

common grammar mistake FI

I love to write, but I’m not so crazy about grammar.

Learning about words that dangle, split, and get misplaced isn’t my idea of fun.

However, as an English major in college, I had it drilled into my head that poor grammar revealed laziness and a lack of respect for the reader.

It’s the literary form of bad manners and exposes the writer as someone who isn’t serious about the craft.

If you’re an author, particularly a self-published author, you need to do everything possible to win your readers’ hearts and minds.

When they are distracted by grammatical errors or confused by the meaning of a sentence, they aren’t likely to buy your next book — or finish the one they are reading.

As tedious as grammar may be to those of us who just want to write, it is well worth a few minutes of your time to refresh the basics and make sure you don’t fall into one of the problematic grammar traps.

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101 Imaginative And Fun Author Interview Questions

101 Imaginative And Fun Author Interview Questions FI

You’re ready to interview an author for your blog.

Or maybe you’ve started a podcast and are wondering how to interview an author for it? 

We’re here to help — both with preparing for the interview and with making your list of author interview questions

As authors with an insatiable appetite for authentic stories, we created this post to answer the question, “What are good questions to ask an author about a book?”

There are loads of questions you could ask.

But these will make the interview more enjoyable for you and your guests. 

For authors, these questions can help prepare you for interviews and know what to expect when you’re called on to talk about your work.

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