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11 Examples Of Dangling Modifiers

Do you know a dangling modifier when you see it? And do you know what to say when someone asks, “So, what’s the difference between a dangling modifier and misplaced modifier?”  Once you read this post and look over its 11 examples of dangling modifiers, you will. From henceforth, you’ll be the one to ask […]


The 5 Best Tablets For Writers in 2020

While most writers prefer a full-size keyboard for their day-to-day work, that’s no reason why a writer needs to sacrifice the portability and convenience of a tablet. In fact, for writers who want or need to write wherever life takes them, whether they are in a café, on a train or airplane, in the office […]


37 Words of Diction To Use In Your Writing

When was the last time a reader asked you about the diction you’re using in your current work in progress?  Yeah, me neither.  Most people ask about the characters, the plot, maybe the theme. Maybe. But diction doesn’t come up often in friendly conversations about books.  Considering how important it is, though, maybe it should.  […]

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