ASP 84: Stephen Guise on Mini Habits and Writing Classic Books

 “Be the person with embarrassing goals and impressive results instead of one of the many people with impressive goals and embarrassing results.” 

– Stephen Guise

Stephen Guise is driven by his desire to find the most effective behavior change strategies. To help others maximize their potential, he has developed an array of unconventional, result-driven ideas. In particular, his ideas of extreme willpower conservation, no-motivation-required action plans, multiple-cue habit formation, success-cycling, and “stupid small” steps form the unique foundation of Mini Habits, which has been published in more than a dozen languages.

In this episode, Steve and Barrie talk with Stephen about his book, Mini Habits. He also shares his experiences with various book launches, creating a Udemy course, and writing a book that lasts.

 “Be the person with embarrassing goals and impressive results instead of one of the many people with impressive goals and embarrassing results.” - Stephen Guise

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • Stephen’s self-publishing backstory
  • What led Stephen to write Mini Habits, an amazing first book that has been selling well for almost three years
  • How Stephen launched Mini Habits and a peek into his sales on Kindle, other platforms and foreign language translations
  • How Stephen maintains his Mini Habits sales
  • How he turned the book into a Udemy course
  • Recommended Mini Habits for authors
  • Lessons learned from launching Stephen’s second book, How to Be an Imperfectionist
  • Details about Stephen’s latest book, Mini Habits for Weight Loss
  • Stephen’s plans for 2017 and beyond

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