13 Solid Reasons You Should Hire A Writing Coach

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You have a great book idea, and you know that, with a little help, you could create something that would entertain your readers or help them with something.

And you’re thinking, “I want to write a book, but where do I start?”

You need book writing help. And just reading a stack of writing books or skimming through blog posts isn’t getting you past your messy first draft (or maybe even the first page). 

You need an accessible human guide who knows what you don’t (yet) and who’s as invested in your book’s success as you are. 

Welcome to our post on 13 solid reasons you should hire a writing coach. 

What Is a Writing Coach? 

Now you’re wondering, “What does a writing consultant do?” or “How do I know whether I need writing coaching if I don’t even know what a writing coach is?” 

Depending on what you need, a writing coach can help in the following ways:

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