How To Sell Books On Amazon To Make Passive Income

how to sell books on Amazon

Want to know how to sell books on Amazon to earn some passive income?

We’re not just talking about books you write — we’re also talking about books you own.

Maybe you’ve looked around your house and thought, “I should pare down my collection a little.” 

Doing a little Marie Kondo action on your book collection wouldn’t be a bad thing.

And perhaps you’re thinking, “If I paid for them, someone else probably would, too.” You’re right.

You probably have multiple copies of some of your favorites, anyway, and you might even have some textbooks and “must-read” novels (barely touched) that you haven’t opened since your college days.

And if you’ve bought used books yourself, you know what a treat it is to find a well-kept used copy of a book you’ve been wanting to read for half the price of a new one (or even less).

You could make a lot of college students and bookworms so happy by selling your books!

Good thing you already know where to sell books. You know Amazon provides the largest market for them, and their selling tools make it both easy and rewarding.

But how do you get started?

And what’s the best way to go about becoming an Amazon bookseller?

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