How To Write Blackout Poetry To Restore Your Creative Energy

blackout poetry FI

What on earth is blackout poetry?

And how can it stoke the creative fire within you?

And what if you’re not really “the poetic type”?

Good news! Even if you’ve never met a poetry assignment that didn’t fill you with dread, you’re about to learn something that will change the way you think of poetry.

This is something you can do to de-stress and restore your energy, even while you’re tricking yourself into doing something creative.

And all you need are someone else’s words and something to write with.

You can start with a newspaper that hasn’t been recycled yet. Or go through some of the books you’ve been thinking of donating.

Or see what you can do with those literary journals you’ve been holding onto but will probably never read.

As for your writing instrument, go with something that doesn’t make the tiny hairs stand up on the back of your neck. This is supposed to be relaxing.

Ready to learn how to write your first blackout poem?

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