The 5 Best Types Of Music For Writing Your Book

Is there such a thing as the best music for writing?

If you’re a writer, you probably have some idea of the kind of music that helps you get words on the page more efficiently or that helps you be more creative while you’re writing.

So, when you’re choosing music to listen to while writing, the following factors probably help you choose what type of music to play — or whether you want any at all:

  • What you’re writing (fantasy, romance, creative nonfiction, how-to…)
  • What mood you’re in (sad or depressed, edgy, upbeat, irritable…)
  • What you need from the music or what mood you want to create (fired up, determined, introspective, zen…)
  • What time of day you’re writing (early am, afternoon, evening, after dark…)
  • Whether you’re using headphones or not (and who else lives with you).

While you have an overwhelming variety of musical styles to choose from, there’s some consensus when it comes to the best music to write to.

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