The Ultimate List of 175 Tone Words for Writers

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You already know, as a writer, that your choice of words conveys more than the literal meaning. But what are tone words, and what do they add to your writing? 

Tone words in literature draw you into someone else’s head by sharing some of the author’s perspective on what they’re describing. Tone words in an essay or blog post do the same.  

We’re not as objective as we like to think, after all. Our choice of words gives us away.

But they can also make your work more interesting and relatable to your reader.

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13 Solid Reasons You Should Hire A Writing Coach

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You have a great book idea, and you know that, with a little help, you could create something that would entertain your readers or help them with something.

And you’re thinking, “I want to write a book, but where do I start?”

You need book writing help. And just reading a stack of writing books or skimming through blog posts isn’t getting you past your messy first draft (or maybe even the first page). 

You need an accessible human guide who knows what you don’t (yet) and who’s as invested in your book’s success as you are. 

Welcome to our post on 13 solid reasons you should hire a writing coach. 

What Is a Writing Coach? 

Now you’re wondering, “What does a writing consultant do?” or “How do I know whether I need writing coaching if I don’t even know what a writing coach is?” 

Depending on what you need, a writing coach can help in the following ways:

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25 Of The Best Grants For Writers To Fund Their Craft

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You’ve heard about government grants for writers, but you don’t know where to find them or whether you even qualify for any of them. 

True, some of them are for residents of a specific state. And some are for applicants of a specific demographic. 

But plenty of them only require that you submit high-quality work for their consideration. And the need-based ones don’t even require that. 

To help you find the best grant options for you, we’ve collected 23 of the best grants for writers living in the United States. 

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First-Person Vs. Third-Person: All You Need To Know

First Person vs Third Person

When it comes to first-person vs. third-person, some writers choose their “person” based on the books they’ve read. 

After all, if Harper Lee and J.D. Salinger can make first-person work to their main character’s advantage, why can’t they? Or, maybe, after reading the Harry Potter series, they think, “Third-person is definitely the way to go.” 

But why not lay out all the advantages and disadvantages of both, so you can make an informed decision? Even then, you might try one and then switch to the other. 

Knowing the differences, though, can give you a healthy headstart

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155 Character Flaws For Writing

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What comes to mind when you think “interesting character flaws”

Because some flaws are more compelling than others. And some are easier to forgive. Some, on the other hand, make the characters who have them instantly unlikable.  

They’re monsters. They’re unforgivable. They could never change for the better. 

But sometimes, they do. Given a list of character flaws, could you pick one of the worst and create a character with a convincing redemption arc? 

What could you do differently with one of the flaws listed below? And what makes them flaws in the first place?

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13 Creative Writing Jobs You Can Do From Home

You’re looking for remote creative writing jobs — and not just because you’re an introvert with a knack for writing. 

You have an independent spirit, and you can think of many reasons why working from home would be a good fit for you. 

So many of your peers are working remotely, now, after all. And you’d very much like to join them. But what types of creative writing opportunities should you focus on? 

Welcome to our list of 13 options with links to help you get started. 

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165 Must-Use Character Development Questions For Writers

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If you’ve hit a wall with your latest story, sometimes all you need is to get better acquainted with your characters. The more you know them, the more they talk to you. 

The more you understand what your characters want and why, the more your writing will help the reader understand. And the harder it will be for them to put your book down. 

This is why we’ve created this list of character development questions for writers. Answering them will bring your characters to life. 

And when you hear their voices in your head, they can lead you down paths you hadn’t thought of before. 

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