Going Incognito: How to Choose A Pen Name

Every time you publish a book, you’re putting your name out into the world.

People will look for you on Amazon and other bookselling sites, they’ll look on social media sites, and they’ll look for an author website.

Being a well-known writer and having your name instantly recognized might be the ideal for most self-published authors.

But, do you really want all that attention focused on your true identity?

What if you’re a member of the PTA at your child’s school, yet you want to write a bodice-ripper?

What if you are known for writing business books, but you want to write in an entirely different genre?

Or maybe your name is Ishcabbible Humperdink, and it just doesn’t seem to fit with the romance novels you want to write.

Using your own name in any of the above instances could cause problems, either for promoting the book you wish to write, your day job, or even the safety of you and your family.

What’s a writer to do? Choosing to write under a pen name (a.k.a. writing under a pseudonym, a.k.a. nom de plume) is an option writers use for many reasons.

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99 Quotes About Creativity To Inspire Your Writing

As a writer, you know the importance of creativity. It’s what keeps your brain alive and opens it to new possibilities.

It leads you into the world beyond your limited experience.

But it doesn’t get far without curiosity.

When you’re curious about something, you take action to learn more about it. You test limits and take risks. 

That’s the point of these 99 creativity quotes for inspiration with your writing project. Find your favorites and see how much further your creativity can take you.

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How To Write Blackout Poetry To Restore Your Creative Energy

What on earth is blackout poetry?

And how can it stoke the creative fire within you?

And what if you’re not really “the poetic type”?

Good news! Even if you’ve never met a poetry assignment that didn’t fill you with dread, you’re about to learn something that will change the way you think of poetry.

This is something you can do to de-stress and restore your energy, even while you’re tricking yourself into doing something creative.

And all you need are someone else’s words and something to write with.

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Does A Comma Go Before Or After But?

comma before but

If this post’s title brought back memories of heated arguments over the Oxford comma, no worries. This is a comma-friendly space. 

Commas make whatever you write easier to read by inserting pauses and setting things apart.

They help make each sentence sound in the reader’s head the way it sounds in yours. 

But one question keeps popping up: “Does the comma go before or after but?” 

You wouldn’t think “but comma rules” would be a thing, but one rule doesn’t fit all the possible situations involving commas and conjunctions

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to sort it all out. 

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99 Positive Words That Start With E To Describe A Person

positive words that start with "E" to describe someone

Whether you’re a writer trying to describe your characters or simply writing a message to a loved one, finding the right word can be difficult. 

Today, we’ll help you find extraordinary words by highlighting those that start with the letter e.

E is a quite popular letter, appearing in 11% of all words.

Did you know that the letter e is the most common one in the alphabet, used more than the other letters? 

If you’re looking for positive words that start with e to describe a person, you are in luck, as the list is endless.

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6 Rules For Double Consonant Words Every Writer Should Know

double consonant words

Double consonants are a complicated part of the English language.

Mastering the rules affecting them will level up your spelling comprehension. 

But fair warning: things can — and do — get confusing.

Double consonants aren’t what you would call “straightforward.”

So if you’re learning English or brushing up on the basics, it’s wise to spend time reviewing double consonants and when to apply them.

To that end, we’ve made this double consonant study sheet.

There’s even a quiz at the end to test your skills. 

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15 Compelling Character Archetypes To Consider For Your Book

character archetypes

As a writer, you want your characters (especially your protagonist) to resonate with your readers.

They should be larger than life but still believable.

And over centuries of storytelling, archetypal characters have played a larger role than others. 

The Swiss psychoanalyst, Carl Gustav Jung, having studied ancestral roots and the collective unconscious, defined 12 original archetypes.

More on that in a bit. 

You’ll see the value of his research as you look through the character archetypes list below.

And you’ll see how the skillful use of archetypes is essential to creating unforgettable characters. 

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