Can Words Be Sexy? Take A Look At These 55 Suggestive Attention-Grabbers

sexiest words

When you’re creating a specific mood with your writing, every word has to earn its place.

If the mood is sexy (and yes, that’s an option), it can’t hurt to have a sexually suggestive words list on hand. 

In fact, we highly recommend the judicious use of carefully chosen erotic words to create an atmosphere with your writing — to set the scene. 

You want the mood to enter your reader’s consciousness without overwhelming them. 

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How To Write Dialogue In Your Novel

You’re reading a new story, and you’ve just hit the first bit of dialogue between two characters.

The problem? You’re too busy thinking, “What was the author thinking?” to focus on the story being told.

It’s jarring or riddled with wordy dialogue tags. As a reader, it makes you put down the book and move on.

As an author, you realize how essential it is to write dialogue that keeps the reader locked into your story.

Are you confident in the art of writing dialogue? If you need some help, we’ve got you covered.

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23 Things to Write About For Your Next Nonfiction Book

things to write about next nonfiction book FI 2

You’re sitting at your computer (or with a pen and paper) making a list of things to write about for your next nonfiction book — which will be evenp better than the last one.

No pressure finding a topic.

But you’re still stuck on book idea number one.

And your renegade brain is still working on that last conversation you had and what you should have said.

Or maybe you’re thinking, “Just ten good ideas — any ideas — and I’ll pour myself a glass of something nice and watch another episode of Superstore.”

But the writing idea machine is jammed again. And you’re still wondering what topics to write about.

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11 Examples Of Dangling Modifiers

Do you know a dangling modifier when you see it?

And do you know what to say when someone asks, “So, what’s the difference between a dangling modifier and misplaced modifier?” 

Once you read this post and look over its 11 examples of dangling modifiers, you will.

From henceforth, you’ll be the one to ask tricky grammar questions like this. 

And even if you don’t want a reputation as a grammar nerd, knowing how to spot and fix modifier errors will make you a better writer.  

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The Best Free Book Title Generators For Choosing Your Bestselling Title

Book Title Generator FI

You have a book — or a great idea for a book — and you want a title that will immediately grab the attention of your ideal readers and make them want to click on it.

But you’ve been racking your brain for hours to think of good titles and you’ve come up with maybe a few.

And they’re all missing something.

Where can you go for help on how to name a book?

Fortunately, there is such a thing as a book title generator, and we’ve created a list of some of the best to be found on the internet.

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What Is A Subtitle Of A Book And How To Write One

what is a subtitle of a book

Sometimes, a title says all your cover needs to say (other than your author name). 

But more often than not, at least when it comes to nonfiction, a good subtitle can be the difference between publishing success and invisibility

Why are subtitles necessary, though?

What makes them so powerful? 

And how do you write the kind of subtitle that will give your book the edge it needs in a crowded market?

Let’s find out. 

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What Is A Heading In A Book? Here’s What You Need To Know

what is a heading in a book?

Maybe you’re here wondering which came first — headings in books or headings in shorter pieces like articles, essays, and blog posts.

Aside from school textbooks, you wonder if headings in books are even necessary. 

Or you wonder how to make them work for you. 

So, do the same rules apply?

And how do headings help the reader?

And how do you craft headings that will make your book harder to put down?

Let’s find out.

(Side note: If you want the peace of mind that you’re publishing with good grammar and punctuation, then check out the free Grammarly proofreading tool.)

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