13 Key Questions To Ask Beta Readers

questions to ask beta readers

Your book is ready for beta readers. And, whether it’s your first book or not, this is a big deal!

You’re wondering, though, where to find these beta readers, how many you need, and what questions you should ask them to get the most benefit from their time and attention.

We’ve been there, and you have our warmest congratulations and shared excitement!

With that, welcome to our list of helpful questions for beta readers. 

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25 Of The Best Grants For Writers To Fund Their Craft

best grants for writers

You’ve heard about government grants for writers, but you don’t know where to find them or whether you even qualify for any of them. 

True, some of them are for residents of a specific state. And some are for applicants of a specific demographic. 

But plenty of them only require that you submit high-quality work for their consideration. And the need-based ones don’t even require that. 

To help you find the best grant options for you, we’ve collected 23 of the best grants for writers living in the United States. 

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33 Poetry Publishers Who Can Publish Your Poetry Book

If you’re new to working with poetry publishers, and you’d like to publish a book of your own, you need to know your options.

Different poetry publishers are looking for different styles and flavors of poetry.

If you write rhyming couplets, you probably won’t get the best results from a press that has only published free verse.

And if you don’t like the poetry a press has published, chances are, they’re not the press for you.

So, where do you find the best poetry publishers for your book?

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Best Motivational Books To Inspire You


Are you searching for some great motivational books to read?

Self-help motivational books sometimes don’t get the credit that they deserve.

While some are filled with advice that will go in one ear and out the other, there are many out there that can greatly improve your life.

If you’re looking for the best books to give you more than a little push of motivation, here are some valuable options that will be worth your time to read.

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The 5 Best Types Of Music For Writing Your Book

Is there such a thing as the best music for writing?

If you’re a writer, you probably have some idea of the kind of music that helps you get words on the page more efficiently or that helps you be more creative while you’re writing.

So, when you’re choosing music to listen to while writing, the following factors probably help you choose what type of music to play — or whether you want any at all:

  • What you’re writing (fantasy, romance, creative nonfiction, how-to…)
  • What mood you’re in (sad or depressed, edgy, upbeat, irritable…)
  • What you need from the music or what mood you want to create (fired up, determined, introspective, zen…)
  • What time of day you’re writing (early am, afternoon, evening, after dark…)
  • Whether you’re using headphones or not (and who else lives with you).

While you have an overwhelming variety of musical styles to choose from, there’s some consensus when it comes to the best music to write to.

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38 Of The Best Biographies Ever Published

Best Biographies

The best biographies of all time are those that have left echoes in our collective consciousness.

Precisely because of the legacy left by the subjects of those biographies — and the biographers’ skill in sharing that legacy — we can climb to heights made accessible by the giants who came before us.

And as much as we enjoy a good memoir or autobiography, a biography written by someone other than the subject yields something the former cannot.

The perspective of someone not in the subject’s head may feel less reliable or at least less intimate.

But it’s also more likely to be objective and dispassionate.

The biographer might share things the subject would not — either from modesty, shame, or something else.

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The Best Free Book Title Generators For Choosing Your Bestselling Title

book title generator

You have a book — or a great idea for a book — and you want a title that will immediately grab the attention of your ideal readers and make them want to click on it.

But you’ve been racking your brain for hours to think of good titles and you’ve come up with maybe a few.

And they’re all missing something.

Where can you go for help on how to name a book?

Fortunately, there is such a thing as a book title generator, and we’ve created a list of some of the best to be found on the internet.

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