The 5 Best Tablets For Writers in 2020

While most writers prefer a full-size keyboard for their day-to-day work, that’s no reason why a writer needs to sacrifice the portability and convenience of a tablet.

In fact, for writers who want or need to write wherever life takes them, whether they are in a café, on a train or airplane, in the office or on the beach, a tablet can be a fantastic way to take your work anywhere you need to go. 

Today’s tablets have many of the functions and features of laptops.

They can be fully-featured work machines for writers who need comfortable interfaces, fast research, comfortable typing, and intuitive multi-tasking — more than they need lightning-fast processors or huge amounts of onboard storage.

Here are some of the best tablets for writers: 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3Amazon Button
Microsoft Surface Pro 6Amazon Button
iPad MiniAmazon Button
iPad ProAmazon Button
HP 2018 Pavilion x2 Detachable 2-in-1 Laptop TabletAmazon Button

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The Ultimate List Of Tone Words

Tone Words FI

As a writer, you know how important it is to choose the right word for the meaning you’re trying to convey.

And part of that is knowing what tone words are and which one to use in a particular context. 

The wrong one is like an errant note in an otherwise flawless performance. Even if it has the same dictionary definition, it just doesn’t sound right. 

But where do you go to find the words with just the right tone and cadence to make the sentence flow as it should? 

Welcome to our ultimate list of tone words

175 Words to Describe Tone for Authors

Any tone words list (worth the time it takes to make it) should provide the fuller meaning of each word — i.e., not just the denotation (dictionary definition) but it’s connotations, too. 

For this tone words list, you’ll see each word explained with a short definition or with synonyms that have the same general tone.  

All you have to do is open a thesaurus to find synonyms for a particular word to realize that some of those words do NOT have the tone you’re looking for. Some are obviously negative. Some are positive. And the rest are more or less neutral. 

The tone word you need for the moment is the one that evokes the right emotions and that allows your sentence to flow without speed bumps.  

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9 Proven Ways to Achieve Your Writing Goals

Writing Goals Featured Image

Do you have personal writing goals for the year? Do you know whether your goals for writing are the right ones to make this year the most successful one yet?

You might wonder if you’re setting writing goals that are actually attainable.

What is required from a goal in order for it to help you succeed in reaching it?

If your past writing goals have turned to vapor, maybe you’re wondering what you’ve been missing.

In this article, we’ll show you how to set the best creative writing goals you’ve ever set in your life so that you can publish not just one book but a catalog of books.

If your main goal is to be an author,  why not become a prolific author who generates a passive income stream from a series of self-published books?

You can achieve this if you know how to set yourself up for success with your writing routine.

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37 Words of Diction To Use In Your Writing

37 Words To Describe Diction

When was the last time a reader asked you about the diction you’re using in your current work in progress? 

Yeah, me neither. 

Most people ask about the characters, the plot, maybe the theme. Maybe. But diction doesn’t come up often in friendly conversations about books. 

Considering how important it is, though, maybe it should. 

And considering the types of diction you have to choose from (it’s not just a question of formal vs. informal), I’m glad you’re here to learn more about it.

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9 Of The Best Laptops For Writers On A Budget

best laptops for writers FI

You’re shopping for a writing laptop. And the options… let’s just say they’re overwhelming. And that’s just for the ones you can afford.  Computers for writers come with so many different features. Some have Microsoft 365 included. Others have touchscreens and can convert to tablets.  And then there are Macs, which are in a class … Read more

Kindle Unlimited Review: Is It Worth It?

kindle unlimited review FI

You’ve heard about Kindle Unlimited, and you see references to it whenever you’re book-shopping on Amazon. But what does it actually do? And does it make sense for you to join? Or is Amazon Prime — and Prime Books — a better fit for you? What does Kindle Unlimited give you that Prime doesn’t (and … Read more

4 Of The Best Keyboards for Writers

While many professions require being on a computer all day, writers have a specific set of needs. Because they type all day, every day, their keyboards need to be particularly functional, comfortable, and ergonomic, to avoid repetitive injury over time.  A good keyboard should help to support you in becoming a better, faster, and more … Read more