What Is The Difference Between An Autobiography And A Biography?

the difference between autobiography and biography

What are the differences between autobiographies and biographies? 

The two words are not interchangeable.

And neither is a subset of the other.

Once you get a handle on what sets them apart, you’ll never get them confused again. 

You’ll be able to explain the difference between autobiography and biography as proficiently as any publisher or semantics expert.

And you’ll know just how to market your book to get your ideal reader’s attention

Let’s get started. 

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So Where Does The Comma Go? Before Or After So?

It’s not the first time you felt stymied as a writer.

It happens. You’re looking at a sentence you wrote and thinking, “Do you put a comma before so?” 

Is so a coordinating conjunction? Is it a subordinating conjunction? Is it an adverb? 

The short answer is, “Sure. It can be any of those things.” But until you see when and how, knowing that doesn’t help much. 

Once you know the rules described in this post, though, say goodbye to confusion. 

You won’t miss it.

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9 Compelling Ways To End A Story And Leave Them Wanting More

how to end a story

You’re mapping out your story, playing with ideas for its beginning, middle, and end.

You’ve read so many beautifully-written stories by now.

You’re no stranger to book endings. 

It’s easy enough to criticize another author for the way they chose to end their story.

But now you’re faced with the same challenge: how to end a novel in a way that makes sense and will leave your readers hungry for more, especially if you’re writing a series. 

Good ideas ahead. 

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Write A Powerful Book Introduction With These 5 Must-Do Steps + Examples

how to write a book introduction

The first thing you need to know is this: the introduction of a book is, at its essence, a sales letter from you (the author)  to your ideal reader. 

The goal isn’t to dazzle them with your writing skills but to convince them your book is well worth their time. 

By the time we’re done, you’ll know how to write a book introduction that grabs the interest of readers. 

We’ll also see some of the best book introduction examples ever written. 

Let’s dive in!

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101 Sorrowful Writing Prompts That Are Sadder Than Sad

sad writing prompts

The most powerful way to engage your reader is to invoke strong emotion.

Readers who quickly empathize are more likely to keep reading a story that invites them to do just that. 

We’ve rounded up 101 heartbreaking, sad writing prompts to make your job easier. 

And since sad prompts aren’t always enough, we’ve thrown in some story ideas to show how you can spin a few words into a story your reader can’t put down. 

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How To Write A Unique Book Dedication Page + 11 Examples

book dedication examples

Dedicating a book to someone is a big deal.

And since you’ve no idea whether your current work in progress will be your last, you want this one to count. 

We all make mistakes, whether it’s a TMI blog post, an impulse tattoo, or something else.

Some of us just postpone the regret until after we’ve published the evidence. 

We’ve got some ideas to prevent your book dedication page from being on that list.

Read on for a detailed how-to and some must-read examples. 

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Create An Unforgettable Title Page For Your Book + 11 Title Page Examples

title page of a book

One of the most important pages in your book’s front matter is the title page.

Why is it so important, though, when it basically repeats everything you see on the book’s cover, along with some extra details you could easily just save for the copyright page

And even if you know what goes on the title page, how do you create one worth remembering? 

Read on to learn everything you need to know.

You’ll learn the rest as you go. 

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