112 Positive Words That Start With E To Describe A Person

Whether you’re a writer trying to describe your characters or simply writing a message to a loved one, finding the right word can be difficult. 

Today, we’ll help you find extraordinary words by highlighting those that start with the letter e.

E is a quite popular letter, appearing in 11% of all words.

Did you know that the letter e is the most common one in the alphabet, used more than the other letters? 

If you’re looking for positive words that start with e to describe a person, you are in luck, as the list is endless.

How Positive “E” Words Can Help You Develop a Book Character’s Personality

Readers connect with a character in a book because of the description writers create.

For instance, if you describe a character as entertaining and eccentric, your readers will certainly want to know more.

That means the words you choose hold some power.

Nice words that start with e will give your character a lovable or relatable personality.

And because the list is diverse, you won’t have to keep repeating yourself, as that can get boring. Some of the ways these words can help you describe characters include:

  • Describes how characters carry themselves: Words can explain how a character behaves, giving readers more insight.
  • Gives you plenty of vocabulary: A variety of words makes writing more interesting.
  • Establishes a character’s motives: Your choice of words can help the reader understand a certain character’s motives.
  • Makes characters more believable: The words you choose will make people relate more to a character, making them believable.

112 Positive Words That Start with “E” to Describe Someone

Let’s now look at adjectives that start with e that you can use in your writing.

We will also explain their meaning to ensure you use them correctly.

1. Eager: Showing a strong desire or interest to do or have something. It is often used when one is longing for something.

2. Earthy: Open and direct, especially on subjects others would be shy to talk about.

3. Earnest: Serious and sincere in intentions, words, or actions; diligent or ardent.

4. Easy-going: Relaxed, casual, or carefree in style and manner. Doesn’t get upset easily and tends to go with the flow.

5. Ebullient: Jolly, cheerful, full of life, or bubbling with excitement.

6. Ecstatic: Overwhelmed with happiness or positive emotion; overpowered by joy beyond measure.

7. Eccentric: Unconventional and weird behavior but in a harmless and interesting way.

8. Eclectic: Having interests in many things or finding beauty in thoughts, experiences, and items that other people would normally not appreciate.

9. Ecofriendly: Tries to affirm all life and live in a non-toxic way.

10. Economic: Tries to maximize or use resources wisely; efficient or profitable.

11. Economical: Careful not to waste resources; find ways to minimize costs.

12. Ecumenical: Takes a universal view and celebrates similarities across religions and cultures

13. Educated: Possessing a vast knowledge of different subjects

14. Edgy: Enjoys testing boundaries.

15. Edifying: Instructs or encourages others in moral, spiritual, or religious knowledge.

16. Effective: Able to accomplish desired goals or results; impressive or operative.

17. Effectual: Displays the capacity to complete tasks or achieve goals.

18. Efficacious: Has a track record of producing desired results.

19. Effervescent: Enthusiastic and ready to engage with different people or activities.

20. Efficient: Not wasteful; makes good use of available resources.

21. Effortless: Achieves things with little or no effort.

22. Effusive: Expresses gratitude, pleasure, or support in an enthusiastic manner.

23. Egalitarian: Believes all humans are equal and strives to treat everyone with respect.

24. Elaborate: Does or executes actions with great care; pay attention to details.

25. Elated: To be in high spirits or extremely pleased and proud.

26. Elating: Inspire happiness in other people.

27. Electric: Easily entices other people due to a strong and unique personality that acts as a magnet.

28. Electrifying: Thrilling or easy to capture and hold people’s attention, especially during a performance.

29. Elegant: Displays a refined and timeless style and beauty, graceful or polished.

30. Elevated: Rises above most situations and doesn’t engage in petty issues.

31. Elemental: Having one or several attributes in their purest forms.

32. Eleemosynary: A charitable person who helps the needy and poor.

33. Eligible: Worthy, suitable, or qualified for certain privileges; suitable to be chosen or elected.

34. Elite: A rich, powerful or talented person within a certain group or community.

35. Eloquent: Speaks clearly, persuasively, and fluently and is understood by others.

36. Embracing: Willingness to enthusiastically accept people’s ideas, theories, or beliefs.

37. Emerging: Coming to maturity or growing in popularity and strength; becoming famous or established.

38. Eminent: Widely known and respected, particularly because of one’s profession.

39. Emotional: Willing to express their feelings openly.

40. Emotive: Ability to draw or arouse intense feelings in other people.

41. Empathetic: Showing the ability to consider other people’s feelings and points of view; displaying comprehension.

42. Empirical: Relies only on practical experiences and information to evaluate circumstances.

43. Employable: Has the right skills and work ethic to qualify for a particular position.

44. Empowered: Having the power and confidence in your capability to make the right decision in a situation.

45. Enamored: Totally in love or overwhelmed by strong feelings of fascination and admiration.

46. Enchanting: Fascinating to the point that the allure almost feels magical, charming, or delightful

47. Encouraging: Quick to give others hope, confidence, or courage to help them overcome insecurities.

48. Endearing: Ability to inspire people’s affection or consider you precious.

49. Endeavoring: Attempts to achieve something even when faced with difficulties; determined.

50. Enduring: Ability to persevere in a situation even when things get tough.

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51. Energetic: Possessing energy; full of life, and the ability to remain active without tiring easily.

52. Engaging: Able to hold people’s attention because of being pleasant, entertaining, or interesting.

53. Engrossing: Completely absorbed in something to the appoint of blocking out other people’s concerns.

54. Enigmatic: Mysterious to others and almost impossible to understand.

55. Enjoyable: Pleasant character that produces feelings of satisfaction and happiness in others.

56. Enlightened: Approaches ideas with a modern perspective; liberal.

57. Enlivening: Adds cheer or more interest to a situation

58. Enraptured: Full of intense pleasure or joy.

59. Enriching: Ability to add depth, value, intellect, purpose, or knowledge to a subject.

60. Enterprising: Showing willingness, initiative, and courage to try out new things, tasks, or projects.

61. Entertaining: Pleasing, interesting, engaging, or amusing; not boring.

62. Enthralling: Chirming, interesting, or exciting that people can’t get enough of you.

63. Enthusiastic: Expressing or having eager and intense interest or enjoyment in something.

64. Entrancing: Charming or able to hold the attention of others.

65. Entrepreneurial: Characterized by the willingness to take financial risks with the aim of making a profit in the end.

66. Enviable: Possesses desirable traits that other people long to have

67. Epicurean: Luxurious or possessing well-developed tastes, especially in foods and beverages.

68. Ephemeral: Lasting for a very short time.

69. Epic: Relating to or characteristic of an epic or epics.

70. Epideictic: Designed to display something, especially rhetoric aimed at praising or demonstrating.

71. Epiphany: A moment of sudden revelation or insight.

72. Episcopal: Relating to the government of the church by bishops.

73. Epistolary: Relating to the writing of letters.

74. Epitaph: A phrase or statement written in memory of a person who has died, especially as an inscription on a tombstone.

75. Epitome: A person or thing that is a perfect example of a particular quality or type.

76. Epitomical: Representing a perfect example or summary.

77. Epitomize: Be a perfect example of.

78. Eponymous: Giving their name to something.

79. Epos: A word used to refer to an epic poem or other grand literary work.

80. Euphoric: Characterized by or feeling intense excitement and happiness. ​

81. Equable: Calm, steady, cheerful, and just with others, even in difficult situations

82. Equanimous: Composed or emotionally stable, especially in high-stress situations.

83. Erotic: Sexually pleasing or arousing

84. Errorless: Exists without faults; doesn’t make mistakes

85. Erudite: Possess or show great knowledge that one has acquired through studying.

86. Especial: Having special or exceptional significance above what is considered normal.

87. Established: Well-known and completely trusted, with a track record for success.

88. Esteemed: Having the admiration or approval of others; well-respected or highly regarded.

89. Ethical: Moral character; making decisions based on honesty and fairness or according to society’s accepted standards of moral behavior.

90. Euphonic: Possessing a beautiful and pleasant voice; producing beautiful music.

91. Euphoric: Characterized by the intense joy beyond the usual daily excitement.

92. Even-handed: Treating everyone equally and fairly; not taking sides.

93. Even-tempered: Doesn’t get upset easily; measures their responses carefully and tends not to display extreme feelings.

94. Ever-present: Always there for you, hence highly dependable

95. Evocative: Having the power to arouse intense feelings, ideas, or memories in other people.

96. Exact: Careful and detailed in their thinking, methods, and work; accurate or punctual.

97. Exceeding: Goes beyond the set expectations; brings more to the table than other people.

98. Exceptional: Possessing above average mental or physical traits; outstanding or not common.

99. Excitant: Able to stimulate or add to something’s quality to make it better than before.

100. Exciting: Ability to make other people excited or energetic just by your presence.

101. Exemplary: Has good qualities and traits and excels in their work, hence setting an example to others.

102. Exhilarating: Able to make other people happy and lively; brings out deep excitement.

103. Exotic: Intriguing, strikingly unusual, or out of the ordinary from the current environment.

104. Expeditious: Ability to do things quickly and efficiently; swift

105. Experienced: skilled or knowledgeable in a particular subject or task, which one has developed over time.

106. Experimental: Ready to try out new experiences to see what it would feel like or the results.

107. Expert: Having deep knowledge or skills on a subject, making mistakes is unlikely or rare.

108. Expressive: Shares thoughts, intentions, and feeling with clarity

109. Extraordinary: Being above average

110. Extroverted: Enjoys engaging with other people and prefers social interactions over staying at home.

111. Eye-catching: Tends to attract attention; noticeable

112. Exuberant: Full of excitement, energy, and cheerfulness.

Next time you look for character traits starting with e, you’ll have various words to choose from.

This list will help you expand your vocabulary so that you don’t have to keep repeating yourself in your writing.

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