ASP 52: Mastering Masterminding for Your Author Business

Quote of the Day: “While some diversity is healthy, there must be a unity of purpose and mission. All of the members of the mastermind group are focused on the same main goals.” – Jonathan Milligan What is a mastermind group exactly? A mastermind group is a group of people you meet on a regular … Read more

15 Common Grammar Mistakes That Kill Your Writing Credibility

I love to write, but I’m not so crazy about grammar.

Learning about words that dangle, split, and get misplaced isn’t my idea of fun.

However, as an English major in college, I had it drilled into my head that poor grammar revealed laziness and a lack of respect for the reader. It’s the literary form of bad manners and exposes the writer as someone who isn’t serious about the craft.

If you’re an author, particularly a self-published author, you need to do everything possible to win your readers’ hearts and minds. When they are distracted by grammatical errors or confused by the meaning of a sentence, they aren’t likely to buy your next book — or finish the one they are reading.

As tedious as grammar may be to those of us who just want to write, it is well worth a few minutes of your time to refresh the basics and make sure you don’t fall into one of the problematic grammar traps.

Here are 15 common grammar mistakes that can kill your credibility as a writer:

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ASP 51: Steve Answers YOUR Self-Publishing Questions [Part 1]

Steve answers questions from the member of the Authority Self-Publishing Facebook group.  If you also want your self-publishing questions answered, join the group if you haven’t already. Once your book is written in word and has been edited, you have your title and cover design, what is your next step? Go over to to … Read more

ASP 50: Dave Chesson on Amazon’s Algorithm and KDP Rocket

“A key issue that many self-publishers face every day is they have the ability to write excellent works, but have little experience with marketing. Too many authors hope that if they write it, people will come.” – Dave Chesson Kindlepreneur – one of the most in-depth blogs on kindle and self-publishing Steve has ever read … Read more

How To Turn Your Blog Content Into A Self-Published Book

“I want to write books, but I’m so busy with my blog that I don’t have any time.”

“How do I use my blog content without making my readers mad because I’m asking my readers to pay for content they get for free on my blog?”

“I’ve written one book, but it hardly made any money, so self-publishing isn’t a great revenue stream for me.”

“I know Amazon has so many rules, and self-publishing seems so confusing and overwhelming.”

These are a few of the responses we received when we asked bloggers their thoughts and challenges related to self-publishing books.

If any of these feel familiar to you, we get it. The process can be confusing and overwhelming. But . . . please indulge us with a few more minutes of your time here, because we’d like to show you that self-publishing is not only quite doable, it’s particularly doable (and profitable) for you as a blogger.

(SIDEBAR: If you’d like to learn our strategies for writing a bestselling book, then I suggest downloading our FREE CHECKLIST, which is the exact 46-point guide we’ve used to sell one million copies of our books.

In fact, bloggers have a competitive advantage when it comes to writing books and self-publishing. Here’s why:

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ASP 048: Patrick King on Copywriting and Book Title Strategies for Authors

“Take advantage of every opportunity to practice your communication skills so that when important occasions arise, you will have the gift, the style, the sharpness, the clarity, and the emotions to affect other people.”- Jim Rohn Patrick King is a self-published author, dating coach, consultant and a front man of an eighties cover band. Steve … Read more