9 Of The Best Writing Podcasts For Authors In 2023

Podcasts for writers are a welcome guiding light in the ever-changing world of writing and publishing.

Finding a publishing company isn’t the only way to get your work out there anymore. You self-publish your book and create your own platform for marketing and selling it.

Self-publishing has been a game-changer for aspiring authors who don’t want to wait for gatekeepers to give them permission to share their writing.

But publishing your own book means you need to lead the charge and understand all of the steps involved in writing, editing, formatting, cover design, and setting up your book on Amazon.

That’s where writing podcasts come in.

Authors anywhere can find high quality mentoring and hundreds of useful tips in these practical (and free!) resources. Podcasts about writing and self-publishing deliver some of the most valuable ideas and insights you can find if you take the time to tune in.

Whether you’re an experienced author or a self-published indie writer, I’m sure you will find invaluable aid and encouragement in nine of the best writing podcasts we hand-picked just for you.

9 Of The Best Writing Podcasts For Authors

Ready to pack your smartphone or computer with words of wisdom and tools that will get you writing and your book selling?

Check out these 9 incredible writing podcasts:

sell more books show writing podcasts for authors1. The Sell More Books Show (iTunes | Android)

If you’re looking for an engaging weekly talk that will help your book sales skyrocket, you’ve just found it.

Hosted by Jim Kukral and Bryan Cohen, The Sell More Books Show has over 200 episodes filled with entertaining and useful information for both veteran and aspiring authors navigating the tricky indie-publishing world.

Do you find yourself struggling to keep up with all the current events in the industry? Every Wednesday, Kukral and Cohen not only update you with everything you need to know but also teach you new tactics to promote — and sell! — your writing.

This is a fast-paced, concise podcast that will offer you both relevant self-publishing news and creative book marketing tools and strategies.

Selling your own books is hard. So, do yourself a favor and let these guys show you the ins and outs of the self-publishing industry.

2. Helping Writers Become Authors (iTunes | Android)

Writer K.M. Weiland wants you “to write your best story.” That’s why she created the Helping Writers Become Authors podcast: to guide you through the fulfilling (and, let’s be honest, often frustrating) journey of translating your thoughts into words.

With over 400 episodes, this is the podcast for writers who want to hone their craft. Weiland becomes your personal writing coach, sharing practical, thought-provoking guidance about everything writing-related.

Creative block? World building? Outlining a novel? She talks about it all. Every podcast offers high-grade technical advice in a clear and easy manner, as well as a lot of encouragement so that you feel prepared to tackle all your writing challenges.

And this plethora of invaluable advice comes in small packages. The episodes are 15 to 20 minutes long, which means you can listen to it while you have breakfast, make dinner or on your way somewhere.

3. The Publishing Profits Podcast Show (iTunes | Android)

Bestselling author and publisher Tom Corson-Knowles shares smart proved-and-tested tips to step up your writing career and sell more books in The Publishing Profits Podcast Show.

Every episode provides effective advice through dynamic interviews with authors, publishers, marketers and many other prominent personalities of the publishing world. Hear them talk about everything and anything from book market research to Amazon Ads.

Corson-Knowles reminds us that the world has changed. Nowadays, getting your book out there goes beyond shelves in the bookshops. People read on their tablets, phones, computers. Ebooks are everywhere. This weekly podcast vows to teach writers how to thrive in this new era.

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It doesn’t matter if this is your first or your tenth book. There is so much we can learn from our fellow authors. This podcast connects us to each other and to the intricate publishing industry.

4. The Story Studio Podcast (iTunes | Android)

Successful authors Johnny B. Truant, Sean Platt, and David Wright have a lot to share. From self-publishing podcasts to Q&A’s, they have talked about pretty much everything.

In their latest venture, The Story Studio, the Sterling & Stone trio come up with a balanced combination of storytelling and business. Targeting all sorts of artists, authors, and entrepreneurs, this podcast provides valuable writing advice and marketing techniques that will help you write better stories as well as promote and sell your books.

This is not a focused lecture. It’s a crude, laid back chat about real-life indie scenarios. There is as much banter as there are gems. These three writers tell you their mistakes, goals, and plans, and their experience shines through to create a podcast that will entertain as much as teach.

5. The Book Marketing Show (iTunes | Android)

Rummaging the internet looking for practical information on marketing your self-published book is, to say the least, very overwhelming.

This is where Kindlepreneur Dave Chesson comes in to lighten the indie author’s burden. The Book Marketing Show is a weekly podcast packed with rich, highly useful content that will instruct and encourage you to increase your book sales.

In less than half an hour, Chesson delivers clear and throughout insights into book marketing and its tactics. He illustrates his ideas with case studies and instructions that will help you overcome any challenge that may come your way.

Moreover, this podcast features expert guests that disclose the tools that made them successful and highlight areas of opportunity for your own books.

This perfect combination of relevant facts and practical applications is the result of Chesson’s sincerity and vast knowledge and stands out as one of the best podcasts for writers out there.

6. The Creative Penn Podcast (iTunes | Android)

With 28 published books all over the world and 10 years of podcast experience under her belt, Joanna Penn hosts the inspiring The Creative Penn Podcast.

She shares it all: the latest news from the publishing industry, well-prepared interviews with distinguished guests, guidance on writing and the self-publishing business. Her enthusiasm is motivating and her experience is the source of priceless advice.

With a new episode every Monday, Penn highlights the best information and tips on both craft and marketing with cheerful thoughtfulness. Her words will show you the best aspects of today’s market and let you in on what the future of publishing holds.

Are you looking for an intelligent and lighthearted podcast for self-published authors? Then, look no further. I bet you will find everything you hope for in The Creative Penn Podcast.

7. The Self Publishing Show (iTunes | Android)

Every Thursday, Mark Dawson and James Blatch host The Self Publishing Show, a podcast for indie authors looking for the best way to self-publish their work.

Experience speaks for itself: Dawson is a best selling self-published author and Blatch is a former BBC News journalist. The endless amount of knowledge this incredible pair has to share results in a proper masterclass every week, delivering high caliber content and actionable tips that will help and encourage you to create a truly successful and lucrative writing career.

Blatch skillfully interviews remarkable guests, leading an engaging conversation full of valuable feedback and lessons to both new and experienced writers. Moreover, Dawson’s tried and tested strategies will clear the way for you to master the self-publishing market.

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Don’t know how to show your fantastic book to the world? Let The Self Publishing Show guide the way and start working on marketing your work today.

8. The Author Marketing Podcast (iTunes | Android)

Remember Jim Kukral from The Sell More Books Show? Yes. He’s back here again.

This guy has so much to share that he also hosts The Author Marketing Podcast, another go-to podcast for writers who don’t really know how to start effectively marketing and selling their books.

Kukral is an Internet marketing professional with years of experience translated into several podcasts, consultation sessions and courses. In addition to his expertise, his frankness and insight bring out the best in each of his best-selling guests, creating a unique podcast packed with motivation and tons of advice you can start putting into practice today.

The format of the show is quite simple: each episode features an interview with a different author. But there is no chit-chat here. Every talk is one of the best focused, yet easy-to-understand lectures on book marketing you can find.

This is the podcast on self-publishing that will make an effective change in your book sales.

9. The Side Hustle Show (iTunes | Android)

We are so worried about world-building and characters or research for that article we’ve been thinking about for a whole fortnight that we forget that writing is also a business.

So, if you want to transform your writing dreams and the many hours you spend putting together that book or blog into a prosperous business, you must stop by Nick Loper’s The Side Hustle Show.

This is another fantastic Thursday podcast for authors. And bloggers. And contributors. In fact, this is for any part-time entrepreneur looking for a way to ditch their 9-5 work and start doing what they love full time.

If you think this is just idealistic conversation, rest assured: it isn’t. Loper himself is a passionate and very successful entrepreneur. He openly shares his own experiences in a compelling show that discusses all aspects of starting and building a business, from marketing and social media to time management.

His actionable strategies and business wisdom will certainly help you make your writing a smashing success.
Make the most out those writing podcasts today!

Isn’t it fascinating that you can carry so much inspiration in your pocket and listen to expert advice anywhere, anytime?

Choose your own favorite podcasts about writing and self-publishing and start learning right now how you can become a better author and build the successful writing career you’re looking for! You can do it!

And may your passion and perseverance influence everything else you do today.

Podcasts for writers are a welcome guiding light in the ever-changing world of writing and publishing.Finding a publishing company isn’t the only way to get your work out there anymore. You self-publish your book and create your own platform for marketing and selling it. #writers #authors #writing

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