40 Motivating Quotes About Writing

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Step into any elementary school classroom on Career Day and you’re bound to find at least one child whose sole goal in life is to be a writer.

Maybe they know someone who writes, or maybe they just have a story to tell — whatever the reason, they feel life will be incomplete if they can’t write when they grow up. Did I just describe you?

Many a high school newspaper has been started on the side, anonymously, by a quiet teenager who is observant. The need to prove their abilities keeps their articles ethical.

The insatiable desire to write about what they see, either as fact or fiction, keeps them up at night. Perhaps this was you?

Type the word “blog” into any search engine, along with whatever topic interests you, and you’re bound to find people who write for a living — or live to write — or both.

It doesn’t matter when the writing bug bites you, as long as you succumb to the desires and begin writing.

If you don’t, you end up feeling like something in life is missing.

Enjoy these 40 Motivating Quotes About Writing:

Pick one of these famous writing quotes to help you get started writing:

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