5 Of The Best Writing Prompts Books

best writing prompt books FI

What writer wouldn’t love a writing prompts book?

If you’re reading this article, you’d probably like to know more about the options available and why you should consider any of them.

For the writer who already has a stockpile of journals, pens, and snacks, a book of writing prompts is the perfect gift to say, “I’m so proud of you, my writer friend, and since I can’t buy you coffee every day, this will help light up that brain of yours and get those fingers tapping out words.”

For those days when you’d like an easily accessible book full of unique writing prompts — either printed or available on your e-reader app — the following five options are ideal.

And since they don’t depend on continuous internet access, you can use them anywhere.

Paperback or Ebook?

The first three books listed are available in paperback only since they provide writing space after each prompt.

The great thing about a print book of writing prompts is when you fill the entire book with your writing, you have a journal of sorts to save for future inspiration.

The ebook options have their advantages, too, as you’ll see with the fourth and fifth books listed.

Whatever you choose, the following books will help you keep the words flowing even on those days when your brain feels as empty as your coffee cup.

So, refill that cup and consider the following writer-tested options.

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