5 Of The Best Writing Prompts Books

What writer wouldn’t love a writing prompts book?

If you’re reading this article, you’d probably like to know more about the options available and why you should consider any of them.

For the writer who already has a stockpile of journals, pens, and snacks, a book of writing prompts is the perfect gift to say, “I’m so proud of you, my writer friend, and since I can’t buy you coffee every day, this will help light up that brain of yours and get those fingers tapping out words.”

For those days when you’d like an easily accessible book full of unique writing prompts — either printed or available on your e-reader app — the following five options are ideal.

And since they don’t depend on continuous internet access, you can use them anywhere.

Paperback or Ebook?

The first three books listed are available in paperback only since they provide writing space after each prompt.

The great thing about a print book of writing prompts is when you fill the entire book with your writing, you have a journal of sorts to save for future inspiration.

The ebook options have their advantages, too, as you’ll see with the fourth and fifth books listed.

Whatever you choose, the following books will help you keep the words flowing even on those days when your brain feels as empty as your coffee cup.

So, refill that cup and consider the following writer-tested options.

5 of the Best Writing Prompts Books

1. 500 Writing Prompts by Picadilly

With 204 pages, this 8” by 10” book has enough writing prompts to keep you busy for well over a year, if you only tackle one a day.

The lay-flat binding makes it easier to write on the wood-free and acid-free archive-quality paper, which will probably last long enough to allow your grandkids to enjoy (and possibly publish) the ramblings of your younger self.

2. 300 Writing Prompts by Picadilly

With 300 writing prompts, this one has the same number of pages but comes in a smaller size (5.6” by 8.5”).

It has the same lay-flat binding and archive-quality paper but will more easily fit into a purse or laptop bag.

3. 400 Writing Prompts by Picadilly

If 300 writing prompts aren’t quite enough, but you like the smaller size, this book is the one to get. At 5.9” by 8.4”, it’s still small enough to easily fit into a handbag but large enough to provide ample writing space.

It has the same lay-flat binding, so you won’t have to make an ugly crease in the cover it to make it stay open while you write.

4. 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts by Ryan Andrew Kinder

If you want your writing prompts grouped by type, and you’d rather write or type your responses into a print journal or digital page of your own choosing, this book provides an organized list of 1,000 writing prompts in either ebook or paperback form.

The paperback is 6” by 9” and has 84 pages, which makes it easy to take it anywhere with your journal or laptop.

5. 1,000 Creative Writing Prompts Box Set by Bryan Cohen and Jeremiah Jones

With five books in this digital box set, you actually get 5,000 unique writing prompts.

Unlike any of the former options, you can get this only in ebook form.

As long as you keep it downloaded to your e-reader app on your phone or tablet, you’ll have easy access to it (even without WiFi) when you need inspiration for your next journal entry, blog post, character sketch, flash fiction challenge, or book idea.

Plus, you have a great excuse to buy extra journals and pens (and snacks), thanks to the cognitive benefits of writing by hand.

However you get those words out, though, the important thing is that you make it a habit to write every day — even if it’s only a one-sentence answer to a writing prompt.

Your brain will thank you for it.

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Inspiration & Gratitude

Now that you know more about five great options for writing prompt books, I hope you’ll give yourself (or a writer friend) the gift of inspiration by buying one or more.

They make great bedside table gifts or surprise packages for any occasion.

And do you really need an occasion to bless yourself or a writing buddy with a gift that makes it easier to get your words out and improve your writing skills?

Think of it as a way to express gratitude for the gift of writing and to further develop that gift with every day you have.

Let each writing prompt act as a wand that draws magic from that messy but glorious mind of yours.

Create a Writing Prompts Group

You could even start a writing prompts group to work through one of the books listed.

Why argue a chance to meet and write at a coffee shop or another favorite meeting place?

If that’s not feasible, you can check in on each other regularly by phone or messaging to ask questions like “What was your favorite writing prompt this week?” or to say things like “Today’s writing prompt gave me the perfect idea for my next book!”

Having an accountability partner or team will help keep you going at the pace that best fits your life.

Be the Spark

Ultimately, anything that helps you create and keep the habit of writing every day is worth sharing with others.

Just as you value your own emotional health and mental clarity, you know that whatever helps you and others to safeguard and strengthen those gifts is something that should be readily available.

This is the whole reason for articles like this one. It doesn’t make sense to discover something that renews or gives a boost to our creative energy and then to keep to ourselves.

woman typing on Laptop character flaws for writing

We want as many people out there as possible exercising their creative genius. It’s a survival thing. It’s also about thriving.

And we want you to thrive – creatively and in every other way!

Spread the Love

So, I hope you’ll treat yourself to a book of writing prompts.

I also hope this article has helped you choose one that fits you and your creative habits.

And if you’ve found value in this article, please share it and encourage others to pass it on.

And may your generosity infuse every word you write today.

Looking for some writing inspiration? These 5 best writing prompt books could be exactly what you've been searching for.

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