The Best List Of 101 Hobbies For Your Book Characters

When was the last time you were reading a novel and learned about a hobby you shared with one of your favorite characters?

Just like that, you feel more connected to them. 

And honestly when are you not curious about character interests?

They seem more human when they have hobbies. 

But when you’re writing a story of your own, how do you know which hobbies to give your characters?

That’s what the character hobbies list below will help with. 

And the better you know each of your characters, the more likely the right hobbies will stand out for you. 

Why should your book characters have hobbies and interests? 

So, why should you bother with character hobbies? Consider the perks: 

  • Well-chosen hobbies make a character more human and relatable.
  • A hobby can relate to an interesting subplot involving the character.
  • Readers who are drawn to a character may take an interest in their hobby.
  • Readers who share a hobby with a character will feel more engaged.

The more reason you give your reader to pay attention, the more likely they are to keep reading. That said, hobbies aren’t to be thrown in as bait to hook your readers. Characters with hobbies should have them for a reason. 

101 Hobbies for Characters in Your Book

Look through this generous list of character hobbies to find the ones best suited to your characters (those whose hobbies have a place in your story).

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Picture them enjoying their hobbies or showing off the evidence of their hard work. 

Hobbies for Fantasy Characters

1. Fencing

2. Magic(real)

3. Woodworking / Carpentry

4. Stone Carving 

5. Candlemaking

6. Leather Crafting

7. Horseback Riding

8. Boat Making

9. Rune Casting and Rune Making

10. Storytelling

11. Fortune telling

12. Metalworking

13. Swordmaking or Weapons Forging

14. Archery

15. Herbalism

16. Doll Making

17 Candy Making / Confectionery

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Hobbies for Characters Who Are Loners

18. Painting

19. Drawing

20. Jewelry Making

21. Mixology (cocktails)

22. Blogging

23. Knitting or Crocheting 

24. Cross-stitch or Embroidery

25. Origami

26. Soap Making or Creating Naturopathic Skin Care Products

27. Whittling / Woodcarving

28. Poetry

29. Puzzles

30. Writing Letters to the Editor

31. Astronomy 

32. Coding or Learning How to Code

33. Going on Nature Walks

34. Bicycling

35. Watching Documentaries

36. Hacktivism (computer hacking as a form of protest)

37. Research

38. Tarot 

39. Art / Graphic Design

40. Gaming / Video Games

41. Pottery or Sculpting

Hobbies for High Energy Characters and Social Butterflies

42. Vlogging / Video-making

43. Surfing

44. Hiking

45. Sailing

46. Running

47. Dancing

48. Skiing or Snowboarding

49. Home Improvement

50. Public Speaking

51. Gymnastics

52. Martial Arts 

53. Bodybuilding

54. Rock Climbing or Mountain Climbing

55. Skating or Skateboarding

56. Team Sports

57. DIY Home Repair

58. Fashion Design

59. Kayaking, Rafting, or Canoeing

60. Boxing or Kickboxing

61. Cleaning or Decluttering

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62. Traveling

63. Fishing

64. Baking / Cooking

65. Yoga

66. Bird watching

67. Crafts & DIY

68. Collecting (books, figurines, dolls, novelty items, etc.)

69. Learning a Musical Instrument

70. Gardening

71. Photography

72. Learning New Languages

73. Scrapbooking

74. Watching TV / Streaming

75. Acting / Theater

76. Singing

77. Golfing

78. Bowling

79. Writing as a hobby 

80. Reading

Unusual Hobbies for Characters 

81. Graffiti art

82. Impersonations

83. Latte art

84. Improv

85. Cosplaying

86. Magic tricks (sleight of hand)

87. Puppetry or Ventriloquism

88. Chess

89. Taxidermy 

90. Beer brewing

91. Juggling 

92. Balloon art/twisting

93. Macramé

94. Make-up Art 

95. Stand-Up Comedy

96. Beatboxing

97. Rapping

98. Calligraphy

99. Extreme Sports (e.g., Skydiving or Bungee Jumping)

100. Flower Arranging

101. Pantomime

How should you integrate character hobbies in your book? 

As mentioned earlier, hobbies aren’t to be thrown into your story without purpose.

And just as their inclusion should add to your character’s development, the way you integrate those hobbies should draw the reader more deeply into the story as a whole. 

How do you do this? 

  • Show your character taking comfort from a favorite hobby during a difficult time. 
  • Show your character presenting a result of their hobby to someone as a gift. 
  • Show the character’s hobby tying them to the central crime or intrigue in the story.
  • Show how the character’s living quarters are decorated with things they’ve made. 
  • Show a character leaving a class or event related to their hobby. 

Think of scenes involving a particular character and how adding a particular hobby can make the moment more meaningful or get your reader wondering about its significance. 


Now that you have gone through this character hobby generator list, which ones stand out?

Can you see one of your characters finding joy or solace in one of them? 

And how will you introduce this character’s hobby to your readers? You want them to enjoy discovering this character’s hobby and wonder what it might lead to. 

Think about why a particular character should have a particular hobby. How did they learn it? Why do they hold onto it? Why is it so well-suited to them? 

Make it as meaningful for them and for your reader as your hobbies are to you. 

One way to best describe your character is through their hobbies. Choose from this list of hobbies for book characters to help your readers feel more connected to them.

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