101 Of The Most Clever Dialogue Writing Prompts

Sometimes the best way to get a story started is with a stirring piece of dialogue. I’m talking about the kind of conversation that draw us right in and make us wonder what’s going on.

Welcome to Authority Pub’s own collection of interesting dialogue ideas.

Think of them as the first line in a conversation you can take in whatever direction you like.

Think of the possibilities as you read through the 101 dialogue prompts below. Imagine what your readers might expect. Then surprise them.

101 Dialogue Writing Prompts

These dialogue starters will grab your readers’ attention and make them want to read the next line. From there, it’s up to you to get their jaws dropping and keep their eyes glued to the page.

Funny Dialogue Prompts

“Put the gun down, dearest. I have news!”

“I have a lot going for me, but humility is not one of them.”

“Oh, dang! What have you done to yourself?”

“Don’t eat that! I made it ‘specially for our guest.” 

“Is that seriously your password?”

“I’m surprised you haven’t been arrested yet. Wait, no, I’m not.”

“You promised to call me if you didn’t know what to wear.”

“So, you broke my favorite mug… and you’re breaking up with me?”

“Mommy, I’m not s’posed to tell you this, but Aunt Brenda says the vaccine’ll prob’ly turn me into a vegetable.”

 “I’m afraid the king is indisposed. And the castle is out of sorts right now, what with the chef being executed last minute.”

 “Sir, the pony rides are for children only.”

woman writing on notebook clever writing prompts

 “Who on earth put this in my pocket? It doesn’t even work!”

 “Oh, good, you’re here! Hold this.”

 “You don’t know what this means to me. You’re my first willing human subject, and we… are going to make history!”

 “On a scale of one to ten, how do you feel about nachos right now?”

 “It’s not that I don’t appreciate your coming here. I just… didn’t think you’d come wearing… that.

 “Oh, wow, you weren’t kidding.”

 “Dude. We talked about this. Boundaries!”

 “Hieeee! I’m calling about your ad for a peppy office clerk?”

 “Now, don’t be mad, but…”

 “Well, thanks to you, that’s another Taco Bell that’s banned us for life.”

 “I didn’t change my name to sound more badass. I changed it because my parents named me Lulubellerina.”

 “So you know, I haven’t had my coffee yet. And your voice is putting me to sleep.”

 “Please tell me you didn’t eat that.”

 “So, wait… I died… and came back. And I still don’t have superpowers?”

Angst Dialogue Prompts

“How could you do this to me? You knew!”

“You told me he was my dad.”

 “Trust me, you want to be in the friend zone.”

 “I know you don’t have any reason to trust me, but… you need to know something.”

 “For someone who doesn’t like to feel things, you sure feel a lot of it out loud.”

 “You’re allowed to need help sometimes. And I know I haven’t been what you needed. But I’m here, and I wanna help.”

 “I know you’re new here, but we do things a little differently at this school.”

 “Why do you want to help me? I just broke your brother’s nose.”

 “What have you done with my diary?”

 “You’re the worst. And you’re all I’ve got.”

 “I’m not moody, I’m thinking. Don’t interrupt.”

 “If I wanted to get better, I wouldn’t be dating you.

 How can you stand this place? It’s biggest claim to fame is that a touring singer’s dog died in the motel pool.”

 “You think I don’t know you’re only here because he sent you?”

 “If you’re here to tell me what happened last night, someone beat you to it.”

 “No, I don’t hate you. We’re not there, yet.”

 “It’s not that I don’t like my life. It’s that I don’t have the energy to enjoy it.”

 “Hey. Look what came in the mail. Wanna tell me what’s going on with your grades?”

 “Did you find him?”

 “Talk to me, okay? I need to know what’s going on.”

 “Where did you get that book? Who gave it to you?”

 “I know it’s not perfect, but I did follow the recipe this time. And I added hot dogs for extra protein.”

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 “I blame you both for this. I was the only friend he had. If I’d been there — if I hadn’t been grounded — he’d still be alive.” 

 “You have no idea what I saw. And no. I’m not talking to the cops.”

 “I know it doesn’t make sense that I’d save the weapon he used. But I’d stolen that piece myself. He’d had no right to use it without asking.”

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Dialogue Prompts for Romance

 “Is this how you flirt with everyone?”

 “Waiiiiit, did you… do something different with your hair?”

 “Sir, you are speaking to the manager. And I’m telling you you need to leave.”

 “So, you’re a gentleman. And you think that gives you an edge over our other applicants?”

 “I’ve read your blog, y’know. I loved your post on finding your soulmate. I think I’ve found mine.”

 “For someone who’s totally selling the dragon lady mystique, you’re surprisingly kid-friendly.”

 “You can’t handle my level of geekiness. If you want someone who can take her glasses off and look like a supermodel, then walk away.” 

 “I’m not good with sarcasm. If you don’t like me, just say it.”

 “Wow! You you look nothing like your profile picture.”

 “You gonna eat that?”

 “Excuse me, but… I think my late wife knew you.”

 “Whatever you do, don’t… move. That is the biggest… Almost got it.”

 “Lemme guess. No one really told you about the social requirements of being a writer.”

 “Apologies if I’m misreading things, but… do you want to get a drink or something?”

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 “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you don’t exactly blend in.”

 “Now, before I say anything, promise me you’ll stay calm.”

 “Do you know what today is?”

 “I don’t need a gentleman right now.” 

 “We haven’t met, but I know I’ve seen you before. Is this seat taken?”

 “Her name’s Tess. Don’t ask her what she’s been through. But something tells me you two would get along.”

 “I’d like to report a theft… My purse. No, no it wasn’t expensive, but it had my whole life in it…. Yes, I’ll hold.”

 “Before you take that first drink, be honest with me. Is the guyliner too much?”

 “Just so you know, I don’t want you to try to look like the popular kids. Your style is way more colorful and interesting. Every day I can’t wait to see what you put together.”

 “We need to jump right now! Take my hand, quickly!”

 “It’s you! You’re the one who decked that guy trying to pull a woman’s hijab off her head. You’re my date?”

“You are remarkably well-behaved tonight. What have you been up to?”

Sad Dialogue Prompts

“The worst part is you didn’t even notice.”

“If I couldn’t trust my own parents to protect me, why would I trust anyone with my baby?”

“What kind of mother has thoughts like that? How could  I tell you?”

“I’m not mad that your mom called. Well, maybe a little. Mostly, I’m mad that mine didn’t.”

 “Going to bed early. I think I caught that virus you brought home from school last week. I made some of your Gramma’s special tea. You want some?”

 “I wish you’d come to the funeral. I needed you there.”

 “I know you’re all expecting a typical best man speech. But there’s something you all need to know about the guy who just married my sister.”

 “I was doing so well until you showed up. Things were good…”

 “We’d like to talk to both of you, if possible. Can someone else watch the kids?”

 “You knew. And you didn’t even warn her?”

 “At first, we all thought it was part of the act.”

 I’ve been thinking. When all this… is over, I want to be cremated. And I want you to spread my ashes at the base of a tree.”

 “That was her favorite.”

 “Honey, please tell me. Did he hit you?”

 “Sir, we’re doing all we can, but you can’t be here.”

 “People like you… you’re the reason my baby is dead.”

 “Honey, you were in a crash. What do you remember?”

 “Looks like I’ll live long enough to make you pay.”

 “Most people would have seen that coming. Why didn’t you?”

 “I don’t like that look. What happened?”

 “Everything in this house reminds me of her. I need to get out.”

 “You keep telling me to get a job. What you don’t get is I’ve been trying. I’ve been out there, applying to every job I can find. No one wants to hire me.”

 “You were there with him. Why won’t you tell me what happened?”

 “Hello, ma’am. We’re here about your son.”

“I’m gonna need you to quit school so you can help us save the store. I can’t afford to pay you yet, but if it goes under, so will we.”

Use these dialogue prompts to create fascinating book characters.

Now that you have 101 dialogue prompts to spark your imagination, which ones make you want to stop everything else and start writing.

Take five minutes, at least, and just let the words flow as they come to you.

Remember to give your readers a twist to keep them interested in what’s going on. Give them enough that’s familiar, but lure them in with mystery.

Then give them a surprise they’ll remember.

If you pick a prompt for each day’s free-writing exercise, you’ll have over three months’ worth of dialogue practice.

You’ll become more skilled at writing dialogue. And your readers will love you for it.

Sometimes, the best way start a novel is with a stirring piece of dialogue. Check out our collection of interesting dialogue writing prompts.

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