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How To Write A Children’s Book: All You Need To Know

Interested in writing children’s books? Maybe you already have a particular smiling face in mind — or a classroom full of them. Perhaps you already have an idea for a story book, but you’re not sure how to turn it into a finished book for the right age group. And once you get it written […]


Metaphor, Simile, And Analogy: Everything You Need to Know

You learned about figurative language in grade school, and you remember the words metaphor and simile — but you’re not sure you remember what they are and how one is different from the other. And then someone uses the word “analogy,” and you’re officially confused. Yes, you know analogies aren’t just pairs of words separated […]


The Definitive Guide To All Parts Of A Book

Do you know all the different parts of a book? For instance, what do publishers mean when they refer to the “front matter” or “back matter” of a book? Also, what is a preface, and how is it different from a prologue, an introduction, or a foreword? Is that a trick question? And is possible […]


Everything You Need To Know About Fiction Vs Non-Fiction

If a friend were to ask you right now, “How do you know whether to call a book fiction or nonfiction?” what answer would you give? You think you have a pretty good idea of how to distinguish the two — until someone asks you to articulate the difference in your own words. It sounds […]


How To Accomplish Your Writing Goals In 2019

Do you have personal writing goals for 2019? Do you know whether your goals for writing are the right ones to make this year the most successful one yet? You might wonder if you’re setting writing goals that are actually attainable. What is required from a goal in order for it to help you succeed […]