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Character Development: How To Make Your Book Characters Unforgettable

If none of your characters matter to your reader, your story won’t matter, either. But how do you build relatable characters? What is a character arc, and how do you create one? How important is it for your main character to have flaws — but to still have the makings of a hero? Character development […]


How To Sell Books On Amazon To Make Passive Income

Want to know how to sell books on Amazon to earn some passive income? We’re not just talking about books you write — we’re also talking about books you own. Maybe you’ve looked around your house and thought, “I should pare down my collection a little.”  Doing a little Marie Kondo action on your book […]


How To Write A Children’s Book: All You Need To Know

Interested in writing children’s books? Maybe you already have a particular smiling face in mind — or a classroom full of them. Perhaps you already have an idea for a story book, but you’re not sure how to turn it into a finished book for the right age group. And once you get it written […]


Metaphor, Simile, And Analogy: Everything You Need to Know

You learned about figurative language in grade school, and you remember the words metaphor and simile — but you’re not sure you remember what they are and how one is different from the other. And then someone uses the word “analogy,” and you’re officially confused. Yes, you know analogies aren’t just pairs of words separated […]

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