123 Positive Personality Adjectives To Use For Your Book Characters

Your story’s main character is the most amazing person you’ve ever created.

And you can’t wait to introduce them to your readers. 

To that end, you’re looking for the best adjectives to describe personality traits — specifically the ones this character has. 

You could also use some positive personality adjectives to humanize your story’s antagonist.

Because who doesn’t love a redemption arc?

But whatever your specific character development goals, we’ve created a list of 123 descriptive words for people your readers will want to know better.

Which Words Describe a Positive Personality? 

If someone asks you for a word to describe a good person, which one comes to mind? After all, you want your favorite characters to have qualities your readers will admire.

And the words you use to describe them will impact the impression they make.

You want them to be authentic and relatable — not two-dimensional and dull. 

Put your character in a difficult situation, and write about how they handle it. Whatever happens, in the final tally, they’re still the kind of person you’d love to have for a friend. 

What Are Positive Adjective Examples for Book Characters? 

Here are a few examples to show how to use positive personality adjectives in your storytelling: 

  • “He surprised me with his gentle and compassionate treatment of his neighbor.”
  • “I don’t know anymore more adventurous than you. From where I stand, you’re fearless.”
  • “Her bucket list for the year was more ambitious than any others I’d seen — if also the most impractical.” 
  • “If he’s not exactly witty, he’s at least passionate and genuine. I like him.” 
  • “You have the most generous heart of anyone I’ve ever known, where others are concerned. But don’t forget to be kind to yourself, too.

123 Positive Personality Adjectives To Use For Your Book Characters 

Think of a specific character of yours as you look through the following list, and take note of the words that stand out.

Make a list of your own to help you brainstorm different ways to show your reader this character’s signature traits

1. Accepting  — readily accepts others without judgment

2. Active — engaging in various activities; not passive or sedentary

3. Adaptable — able to quickly adjust to change and new circumstances

4. Adventurous — willing to risk discomfort and danger to experience new things

5. Affectionate — showing affection in words and actions

6. Alert — awake and aware of their surroundings and of possible threats

7. Ambitious — driven to accomplish great things 

8. Amiable / Affable — friendly; approachable; good-natured

9.Amusing / Funny — entertaining; fun to watch, read, or listen to

10. Assertive — not a push-over; able to stand up for themselves

11. Attentive — showing thoughtful attention and being present for others

12. Brave — ready to face all challenges with courage

13. Brilliant — genius-level intelligence and the will to make good use of it

14. Broad-minded — open to changes, new ideas, and different viewpoints

15. Calm — unperturbed; unruffled; unbothered

16. Candid — forthright and frank; truthful

17. Careful — showing a disinclination to do harm or showing attention to detail

18. Charming — pleasing in appearance and manner

19. Cheerful — having a pleasant and positive disposition

20. Clever — intelligent and able to quickly make connections

21. Communicative — ready to impart information; unreserved; open

22. Confident — self-assured or certain of one’s own competence and ability

23. Compassionate — kind-hearted and feeling for others

24. Conscientious — intent on doing what’s right and performing their duty well

25. Considerate — thinking of others and their needs and acting accordingly

26. Courageous — doing what’s necessary or beneficial despite fear

27. Courteous — treating others with deference and consideration

28. Creative — imaginative; artistic; out-of-the-box

29. Curious — having an inquiring mind and a desire to see beyond the surface

30. Decisive — able to make decisions quickly and firmly

31. Dependable — reliable and trustworthy

32. Determined — resolute; inexhaustible; unstoppable

33. Diligent — hard-working; industrious; dedicated

34. Diplomatic — able to resolve disputes between opposing parties

35. Disciplined — showing self-control in words and behavior

36. Discreet — careful and circumspect in one’s words or actions 

37. Dynamic — upbeat and full of energy and new ideas

38. Easygoing — laid back; flexible; relaxed

39. Efficientachieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted time and effort

40. Energetic — alive with an energy that seems inexhaustible

41. Enthusiastic — showing a lot of excitement and enthusiasm

42. Exuberant — filled with joyful energy and excitement

43. Fairminded  — just and impartial 

44. Faithful — loyal; trustworthy; steadfast

45. Fearless — acting without fear

46. Forceful — strong; assertive; powerful

47. Forgiving — ready to forgive offenses and reconcile

48. Frank — honest; candid; unreserved

49. Friendly — approachable; amiable; sociable

50. Generous — readily giving of one’s one resources to benefit others

51. Genuine — precisely what one claims to be; authentic

52. Gentle — tenderhearted; sensitive; kind

53. Graceful — elegant and showing poise and good taste

54. Gregarious —  fond of company; sociable; companionable

55. Hard-working — diligent; industrious; dedicated

56. Helpful — quick to offer help; solicitous; obliging

57. Honest — truthful; sincere; frank

58. Hopeful — optimistic; sanguine; holding onto hope

59. Humble — having a reasonable amount of pride without the need to prove anything

60. Imaginative — creative; inventive; 

61. Impartial — not choosing sides in an argument

62. Independent — thinking and acting on their own

63. Intelligent — having an above-average mind and the will to use it 

64. Intuitive —  insightful and receptive to their own inner voice

65. Innovative / Inventive — creative; experimental; resourceful

66. Just — fair-minded and equitable

67. Kind — caring, considerate, and compassionate toward others

68. Liberal — open-minded; generous; respectful

69. Loving — showing love in words and actions

70. Loyal — faithful and supportive

71. Mature — dependable, sensible, and wise

72. Merciful — compassionate and kind

73. Meticulous — careful, detail-oriented, and thorough

74. Modest — not inclined to brag or show off; quietly impressive

75. Neat — clean, tidy, and organized (or, at least, not cluttered)

76. Optimistic — having a positive outlook on life and other people

77. Organized — orderly and systematic in their actions and housekeeping

78. Passionate — having or expressing strong emotions or beliefs

79. Patient — putting others first without complaining

80. Persistent — unsinkable or unwilling to give up

81. Pioneering — groundbreaking and actively seeking new discoveries

82. Philosophical — showing composure in the face of difficulties and disappointments

83. Placid / Peaceful — calm and unruffled; preferring harmony and accord

84. Playful — having a childlike, joyful spirit 

85. Plucky — resilient and courageous

86. Polite — treating others with courtesy and respect

87. Powerful — exhibiting a kind of power that exerts influence on their behalf

88. Practical — sensible or preferring functionality over aesthetics

89. Proactive — thinking ahead and taking an active role

90. Punctual — preferring to always be on time

91. Purposeful — imbued with a strong sense of purpose and determination

92. Quick-witted — quick-thinking or quick to offer a witty reply

93. Quiet — solemn or preferring to observe quietly 

94. Rational or Reasonable — sensible, fair, and logical

95. Reliable — as good as their word

96. Reserved — private; careful; restrained

97. Resolute — purposeful; determined; unwavering 

98. Resourceful — finding quick and clever ways to overcome challenges

99. Romantic — having an idealized view of reality

100. Self-motivated — able to motivate themselves internally 

101. Sensible — level-headed; reasonable; realistic

102. Sensitive — easily responds to things

103. Sincere — honest and genuine

104. Skillful — being an expert or proficient at something

105. Smart — either intelligent or stylish 

106. Sociable — being at ease around people — and putting them at ease

107. Straightforward — telling the unvarnished truth in plain language

108. Strong — physically, mentally, or emotionally powerful and resilient

109. Supportive — accepting and ready to help or to be there when needed

110. Sympathetic — shows they understand and care about other people’s problems

111. Tenacious — determined to succeed and refusing to let go of the goal

112. Tactful — knowing what not to say in difficult situations

113. Thoughtful — considerate; anticipating someone’s needs or desires

114. Tidy — neat and well-kept

115. Tolerant — able to hear dissenting viewpoints or beliefs with 

116. Tough — resilient; strong; durable

117. Trustworthy — worthy of someone’s complete trust

118. Unassuming — genuine and unaffected

119. Understanding — seeing beyond the surface to grasp the essential

120. Versatile — able to excel at a variety of tasks or challenges

121. Warmhearted — compassionate, kind, and quick to offer help

122. Wise  — experienced and insightful

123. Witty  — clever and funny

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Which positive personality adjectives define your characters?

Now that you have this list of 123 positive personality words, which ones stand out the most for the character you have in mind? 

Once you round up the best words to describe their personality, you can look for ways to make those words come alive in your story. 

It’s not enough for your character to be referred to using one of these adjectives; readers have to see evidence in the character’s own words and actions. 

How will you reveal your character’s personality to your readers?

What are the perfect words to use for your amazing story characters? Read this curated list of positive personality adjectives you can use in describing your protagonists (and your antagonists).

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